I took some REALLY cute pics of L on Monday when I was off with her and it was so warm outside but my card reader decided to mess up in turn deleting my pics. Oh well at least they weren't super important. But on Tuesday it was cold and windy so we had to stay inside so I decided to let her paint. Thank goodness for washable paint. lol But she loves it. Lefty on our hands??? What do you all think? Look back at what hand she is coloring with in the last post, hmmm....

She looks so old in this pic. Ahh, where has my baby gone?


Goodbye Crib...

Hello toddler bed. Cory converted Landrie's bed on Friday from a baby crib to the toddler bed. We decided since she doesn't do extremely well with change, especially change to her room or bedtime routine, that doing a toddler bed first before the twin bed would be the best for her. She LOOOOVES it and has spent every free moment in her room. She went to bed in it great Friday night slept in it from 8:30-7:30 without a peep and didn't even climb out of it in the morning she waited for me to come in there and get her. Saturday night wasn't too great, which we knew would probably happen. We put her to bed in there and she went to sleep in there but Tate is also still here on Saturday nights when we put her to bed and she knows I have to take Tate back home and she worries and has to make sure I come back home to her. So Saturday night she woke up at 12:30 and Cory just put her in our bed. But last night was another success, she slept in there from 9:00-7:30! Wahoo!!! I did try and sneak in there about 10:30 last night to get a sleeping pic but to my surprise she was sitting up in her bed just sitting there and so I tucked her back in and she went back to sleep without a problem. Maybe tonight I can catch a sleeping one. But we are just so relieved that it has gone so well. Can't wait to get all her new bedding from Pottery Barn Kids in for her real "BIG GIRL" bed. It's going to be SO cute!

Last night with the crib, so bittersweet for Mommy
I tried to sneak in Saturday morning but she had just woken up and I got this pic, still cute though
She LOVES her bed, she plays on it all day, here she is laying on it coloring. I think this is another glimpse into the future, I can see her laying like this on her bed doing homework one day.



Like mother like daughter on LOVING white cherry Icees, lol. There is a gas station by my parents house that just remodeled and L and I ran in there the other day to get some lotto tickets (we didn't win, dang it) and they have white cherry (love that it's white and won't make a mess too)!!! I swear if I ever have a lot of money one day I am going to have an Icee machine in my house. LOL We all love them.

Once we got home we did some playing outside in the backyard on her "slide and swings" as she calls them. lol

Going "upstairs" she says
Watching a plane

Hard at work "cooking"

Looking for those crazy birds again
This pic is a bit off in so many ways, but I LOOOVE the look on her face, I wish I would have been more ready for it

Using her "digger" as she calls it, notice she will NOT touch the sand with her hands, she doesn't want to get dirty. lol

Climbing the rockwall all by herself! This is a BIG deal, she has tried over and over to do it and has finally gotten it.

Picking grass, lol but I LOVE the way her hair looks

Just a mommy pic =)

The fake smile she gives me when I tell her to look at me or the camera

There's my girl! =)

Back to the Icee, you get so thirsty playing outside. Oh and yes, we were sharing, no way would I get her one for herself THAT big. lol

Making sure to get EVERY last drop

Oh and the totals are in on the things I sold of L's on ebay, $270!!! And I am not even done selling all her stuff yet!!! That pays for this years stuff.


Hannah Montana Hair...

Last week, Valentine's day to be exact. I picked up L after work from my mom and her hair was fixed like half up half down but with 2 ponytails instead of just the one.

Me:Oh Landrie I love your hair ( with a big smile, trying not to laugh because it caught me off guard since I had never seen it like that but it was also so cute at the same time)
L:it's Hannah Montana hair mommy!
Me: Oh ok, well I love it, it's beautiful
L: Tank you Mommy (while fluffing it with her hands like you see girls do in movies) LOL

But the funny thing is she only really has seen Hannah Montana on commercials and such she has only seen the show maybe once or twice and it was just by accident, us flipping through the channels and her freaking out to watch it. She watches the Disney channel a lot so I am sure that's where she picked knowing who she was up from as well as ALL the commericals, all the media about her, she is everywhere. LOL We can be in a store somewhere and she will hear her song over the speaker and get all excited and say "That's Hannah Montana song!" These advertising people are genius' I swear, L is 2.5! LOL So she had Hannah Montana hair again yesterday. ;)

She went into her play area and came back with her purple fairy costume on but only wearing it like it was a tutu/skirt. She said "Mommy, come take my piture". So of course I did, I couldn't pass up an opportunity where SHE asked me to take her picture. lol

So this was her first pose, how lady like huh, LOL
Admiring her fake gold ring

Just thought this one was cute

Tell her to look at me and this is what I usually get, I can't believe they learn "the smile with no teeth" this early

Trying to strip as usual, I swear once she is home she changes 50 times at least

The look I got when I told her to put some REAL clothes on and not dress up clothes

Yes, that is one of her potty chairs in her room, she brought it in there for her baby doll to go potty and then it becomes her stool and seat, lol oh and notice she is almost dressed

Yay! We have pajamas on now! LOL Oh and a lovely fake smile since I told her to look at me and smile. Oh but this fake smile is worse and is so corny looking, LOL

Trying to figure out how to switch out the movies in her projector
There's that "look at Mommy" look again. lol



As Landrie says when trying to say Monster, it's so cute and funny. Here is a video of her playing "Monter" with yogurt all over her hands. Crazy kid. Another funny thing she is saying lately, when you ask her what she is doing she has started to say... "nuffing" LOL!!! We crack up when she says it because it sounds SO funny coming from a 2 and a half year old. I will try and catch it on video. I hope to get some new pics tomorrow as well. Today was just a YUCKY rainy/stormy day.


Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone is having a great day. I slacked BIG time this year and actually didn't get any Valentine pics of Landrie. Bad Mommy I know! But hopefully I can catch one this afternoon, hopefully. If not oh well. We all will live. lol

She FINALLY wanted to put on the other dress up outfit Nana & Paw Paw got her for Valentine's day I think it's because she couldn't find the Cinderella one. I had to wash it because she got the LOVELY makeup that Nana got her ALL OVER IT. LOL So I snapped a few pics of her in the other outfit I think it's too cute, had to snap these with the point and shoot because I was trying to catch her before she took it off. lol

UPDATE!!! Everyone be proud, I took some pics of L on Valentine's day that are Valentine themed!!! Yay! Enjoy...

Yes, this is the Valentine barbie she literally just got from Cory and I only like 5 minutes before and she is already naked. LOL

Put the lollipop to GREAT use... in the TUB! =)


Got a pic of Daddy-O playing guitar



Early yesterday morning we had some pretty big storms roll in. They started around 3:00 am I would say and I just KNEW L would wake up to it, it was SO loud! Of course she did, around 4:00 am we hear... "I SCARED OF FUNDER!!!! MOMMY, DADDY, I SCARED OF FUNDER!!!" lol So Cory went and got her out of her bed and brought her into our room and she was wide awake. She was talking about the "funder" and the lightning and how bright and loud it all was. So since she was wide awake I don't think she fell back asleep until about 5:00 am and my alarm goes off at 5:30 of course. lol When I came out of the bathroom from getting ready this is how she was sleeping...

In a ball up against our headboard. lol

So Landrie had on the Cinderella dress Nana got her for Valentine's day last night and she came into the laundry room where I was at. Here is how the conversation went...

Me: Hi Cinderella

Her: (Huge smile on her face because I called her Cinderella) Hi Snow White Mom, what are you doing?

Me: (Laughing) Laundry

Her: Oh ok Snow White Mommy

So for the rest of the evening she was Cinderella and I was either Snow White Mommy or just Snow White. LOL But when I was putting her to bed I called her Cinderella and she told me "I not Cinrella anymore, I just Yandrie" since she didn't have the dress on anymore. LOL They are too cute!


Busy Weekend...

It didn't really feel like an extremely busy weekend, but when I sit back and think about all that we did it really probably was. Saturday the extreminator came and sprayed then we went to Old Navy to hit up their 40% off baby and kids sale that is going on through February 21st! lol We spent a ton on L but got her a lot of really cute clothes for the price. Now I just need to sit down and go through all of last years spring/summer clothes and get them up on ebay. I love ebay, I make a killing on her clothes. It's always so fun to watch people have bidding wars practically until the end. So that is my next task at hand that needs to get done by the end of the week. We also went to Cory's good friend from H.S.'s 30th birthday party. L got to go too because their kids were there and Landrie and their daughter Hailey had a blast. Wish I would have taken a camera with us, they were too cute. At one point Hailey handed L a toy and L looked at her and said "Hayey, you are a sweet gurl!" LOL Too cute!

Sunday L decided 7:01 AM was long enough for her to sleep. Not sure what happened, she let us sleep until 8:30 Saturday morning. lol But we got up and went to Kroger and did our grocery game shopping and saved about $32 with store savings and coupons. Ahh, gotta love the grocery game! =) Cory's parents came over and we had lunch and hung out. They brought L over her Valentine's day present. Which consisted of a Cinderella dress (her fav), a purple fairy outfit (it is adorable! hopefully I can get her to take off the Cinderella one to at least try it on), make up (check out the following pics of THAT fun, lol), crayons, candy, window clings (which she loves), Sleeping Beauty jewelry set, I am sure there is something else I am forgetting. But she definitely got some great Valentine gifts from her Nana & Paw Paw. =) Thanks again for them, she loves them. =)

I HATE full sun, it makes taking pics SO hard!!! But I was trying to capture the moment so excuse the photography a bit on the first few pics...

Driving her car

Hugging her Paw Paw

Walking with Nana

Ahh, the sun!!! But I had to get a full pic of the dress with the shoes she wanted to put on

Had to do a quick outfit change in order to go play in the backyard on the swing set, can't get the NEW Cinderella dress all dirty the first day you get it. LOL

I had to take a pic of her hand, I painted her nails the other night and she LOVES them!

Nana up in the clubhouse with her

"Ficing" (as she says) her ladder with the drill Paw Paw got her for her first birthday, lol

Love how her hands are in this pic

Happy Girl

Love her eyes in this pic, she is watching a jet in the sky

Playing with Paw Paw

Oh yeah and THANKS Nana for the make up again. =) LOL We turned around for a second and came upon this...