Slip and Slide...

I found a $5 Toy Story slip and Slide at Wal-Mart the other day so we set it up for Landrie, it didn't last too long because it didn't come with the slide floats like Ace and Kennedy's! lol She had fun while it lasted, besides it was only $5! :)


Swinging on My Own...

Daddy and some of his good friends decided to go out to Shenanigans to celebrate Daddy's birthday which was on the 10th. Landrie and I decided to hang out and play for a little while and then later on I decided to clean some while it was only her and I at home, always makes it so much easier. While I was cleaning she decided to go out and play on her swing set. All of the sudden she started calling for me so I ran outside to see what was wrong and she said "Look Mommy, I can swing all by myself!" We were both so proud, it's the little things in life that are the most important! :)


Baby Reese Is Here!!!

This past Sunday we celebrated Miss Lily Bug's 3rd birthday. Her real birthday isn't until the 13th but baby Reese was due on the 7th and they knew how tired and busy their lives would be once he got here. Her party was at phase 1 community pool, we had a blast, it worked out great. I did get sunburned, but that's what I get for not wearing any sunblock. But of course L had sunblock on because I am a good Mommy like that. lol

Here are the flip flops and matching bow I made for Lily Bug, she loved them

On Monday, June 7th at 5:59 pm Aaron Douglas Reese Jr. (A.J.) was born. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 1 oz. and is 21 1/4 inches long. He is absolutely adorable, we love him so much already! :)

Daddy and A.J.

Landrie looking at the new baby, she just loves him.

On Tuesday night we decided to help out our good friends by inviting them over for dinner and a water balloon fight since their Mommy and new brother were still in the hospital. We all had a blast, I think the Dad's might have had more fun than the kids. lol We just love this family! :)


Birthday Invitation...

I found these ladies on etsy.com that created invitations and all kinds of party stuff. So I had them create an invitation for Landrie's rock party for her 5th birthday. Her theme is going to be rockstar and the colors are pink, black and white. I can't wait we have the fabulous cake lady Wendy with Oh Boy Baking Co booked and the invite list ready, we are so excited!

Here are the pics that I took of Landrie in literally 15 minutes right by our house at the pond. They were so fun to take of her, she was so cute posing. I can't believe my baby is going to be 5!!!

These pics are SO her! She sings practically all day everyday. Her dream is to sing on stage one day, I am sure she will and we will all be in the audience cheering her on. I love watching her dream. ;)

So sweet

Love her goofy/fun side, she has the best personality

My punk rock girl

The finished product, we loved it
I blurred out the personal info. ;)