Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving was at our house again this year, which we actually love because both of our families get along and they all come over to our house. This year we didn’t fry the turkey ourselves though, we bought one at Razzoos which was SO much easier. I was off of work all week for Thanksgiving break and it was SO nice. I did spend Monday and Tuesday pretty much cleaning all day but that’s okay, I had the time. It probably would have only taken me one day if I didn’t have to stop every so often to do or play with Landrie, but I loved being off with her and I had plenty of time to clean. I had planned on editing pictures and updating the blog but um yeah, that didn’t happen. lol Now with the new Mac I am trying to learn everything about it and how to edit on it so it’s a crash course for sure, but I know I will get there and the blog will be back on track, just bare with me my loyal followers.

Everyone seemed to enjoy Thanksgiving the food was great and everyone just hung out and visited. The kids had a blast playing together and Landrie actually didn’t try to change her clothes until everyone had left. Haha I did tell her she had to wear her dress all day and NOT to change because people were over and it was Thanksgiving. I know her, she would change constantly in and out of her dress up clothes all day if we let her. But she did good, she shared so well and was so sweet. Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving as well. Here are some pics from Thanksgiving and a couple from before it.

I came out of the bathroom from getting ready for work and found this... Too sweet :)
These are the pics I took for Christmas of Landrie

Landrie with her Turkey pumpkin

Landrie LOOOOVES bread

Ry Ry eating, man she eats so good, I wish Landrie did

Landrie being cute

Pics with Mommy

Oh the challenging task to get her to take just one pic with Daddy

Lily and Ryleigh playing


Happy Halloween...

Yes I know, I have been slacking BIG time. It is just hard to find the time to keep the blog updated so much like I use to. I use to update during my lunch at my old job but blogs are blocked at the school so I can't update at work and then when I get home we have to make dinner, play with L, bath, movie and snack and then bedtime routine, plus having to edit the pics before I blog about them doesn't help with the time situation. I am starting to get more caught up so hopefully it will get better.

Some things we have been up to this month are adding a built in desk in the kitchen. We bought a MAC computer and we wanted it to be in the kitchen/den area where we spend most of our time. I really like it. I still have yet to attempt to do any edits on pictures yet, but I plan to try soon. We also added a few new cabinets as well which I am loving, I don't have much cabinet space at all and was needing it so bad. So I am sure that was Cory's Christmas and my Birthday and Christmas present for this year. lol ;)

For Halloween Landrie wanted to be "Taylor Swift" of course. She decided back in August on her own and never changed her mind. I was so scared it was going to wind up being cold but nope, 2 years in a row now it has been mild which more than likely means next year will be freezing. I didn't have to buy anything for her costume this year except sponge rollers, man I didn't realize those things were kind of pricey, $9 for them. Oh well, $9 was pretty good compared to what it could have been if I had to buy her a costume this year.

Last Saturday we had a Halloween Birthday party to go to, she got to wear her costume to it. Then on Tuesday she got to wear her costume to dance class, then on Wednesday we went to a local church carnival and then Friday was Halloween. In a way I am kind of bummed we didn't have to buy a costume this year, we would have gotten a ton of wear out it. lol Oh well, I do like that we saved money.

Halloween night a little crazy... we went trick-or-treating with the neighbors and some of their friends and family, it was crazy because there was so many of us, hard to keep track of everyone.We only wound up doing that for about 1 street, then Tate and her dad found us and me, Nana and Landrie went to some more houses with them. While out with them Landrie tripped and fell and skinned up her knees. We thought we were going to have to go back home and doctor her up but she wasn't bleeding and so she finally calmed down and we were able to go on. Once we were done and went back to see Daddy and all our friends and neighbors in the neighbors yard all of the sudden Landrie started screaming and I looked at her and her entire mouth, tongue, teeth and lips were all glowing purple. She either bitten a glow stick or stuck a broken one in her mouth. Scared Cory and I to death. We ran home with her and we had to leave the lights off so we could see to get it all out of her mouth. We had a container of those glow sticks that we bought in the summer and on the back of course it said "DON'T DRINK OR INGEST" so Cory called Poison Control and they said they had already had 35 calls for the same thing, sad thing it was only about 7:45! She was begging for milk and we were kind of scared to give it to her especially since she isn't a huge milk drinker, she just wants it mainly at night before bed. They said it was okay to give her milk so we did and she drank it so fast. They said it's non-toxic but that it is a chemical reaction since that is what makes it glow and to make sure we got it all off of her skin or she might have a burn. They said it didn't sound like she ingested any of it but if she did she would probably just throw up and not to worry. Luckily she didn't ever throw up and no burns but it was definitely scary. We asked her if she was ever going to put a glow stick in her mouth again and she said "no way!" So I guess she learned her lesson thank goodness. lol

These pictures are a combo of all the things she wore her costume to this week. Hope everyone had a great Halloween. Now we are in the home stretch of the rest of the holiday season, Thanksgiving is only about 3 weeks away and then my favorite time of the year... Christmas time. I LOVE it, not just for gifts but the decorating, wrapping presents, putting up the tree, Christmas lights, Christmas songs, the smells of candles and food, the joy on Landrie's face when she sees and hears it all too, I just love it. I always have, I just love the warm feeling I get inside just thinking about it. Oh I can't wait!!!