Tyler Science Place & First Trip To The Dentist...

On Monday I was off for fair day and Cory took off because we planned on going to the fair. But the weather had other plans. It wound up being rainy and gloomy all day long so around 1:00 we decided to head up to Tyler , about an hour or so away to hit up their Science Place . I had seen that it ranked as one of the top either 25 or 50 in the U.S. in Parents Magazine last month.

I must say it was really neat. A lot of hands on things and centers which kids love. They had an indoor pirate ship, and cave that Landrie kept saying was Grinch’s house. She loved the cave until I saw a button that said “push here to experience what an earthquake is like”. Well she would have been fine if it wouldn’t have made a weird loud noise. So that was the end of her liking the cave. lol

Their centers were so neat. They had a miniature Brookshire’s grocery store which I think was her absolute favorite and gave us the idea to ask Santa to bring her a market. There was a CiCi’s restaurant with little tables and menu’s a counter and cooking area to cook on. There was a real ambulance in there where you could get in and help people. There was a bank, bakery, car, vet clinic, eye clinic, hospital construction area, postal area and a nursery with “new babies” which she actually didn’t care too much about. lol She was too busy looking and playing at all the other centers to be a mommy. haha

She had so much fun and she didn’t want to leave. It was so nice also since she was the only child there. We will definitely be going back there, maybe next time she can take a friend with us.

On Tuesday, Landrie had her very first dental appt. She did FABULOUS I must say and we LOVED the dentist we took her to. We took her to a pediatric dentist in Rockwall and it was done up in an underwater theme. A big fish tank when you walked in, murals of fish and mermaids and ocean creatures all over the walls. Fish and things hanging from the ceiling, a treasure chest to pick prizes from. Oh and best of all, I could go back with her which was one thing I had to have in a pediatric dentist, I wanted to go back with her. A lot of pediatric dentists won’t let the parents go back with them and I just don’t understand that whole theory, I don’t think Landrie would have done as well without me back there with her.

She was such a big girl, did everything they asked, got up in the chair let them look all in her mouth. The only draw back was having to wait 25 minutes for them to get a hold of her doctor’s office to make sure it was okay to clean her teeth since she has that heart murmur. Which I knew it would be but they wanted the okay which I totally understand and of course he said it was. She let them clean her teeth and do everything they needed to do without ANY tears at all. The only thing she wasn’t too crazy about was the fluoride treatment they put on her teeth, she gagged when the lady put it on her teeth. I told her, “please don’t throw up” lol. She told me later that that orange paint tasted yucky and that she didn’t like it. haha She got a new yellow toothbrush that has white and pink polka dots on it and Spongebob toothpaste. She picked a shark cup out of the treasure chest as her prize. Oh and best of all… NO cavities!!!! Yay! J

We were so proud of our big girl and how well she did, just wish I could say the same for when I had to meet my mom for her to get Landrie from me. She asked me on the way back where we were going, I kept trying to avoid the question but she kept asking and after all she is 3 now so she demands answers. lol When I told her she just started balling saying she didn’t want to go to Meme’s she wanted to stay with me. Oh it broke my heart. I guess after a 3 and a half day weekend off with me can do that. It was hard buckling her into the car seat in my mom’s truck and having her balling and telling me no, I want you Mommy and trying to undo the buckle. I must admit I was crying too, but I had to get to work, trust me, if it was the weekend or a time I didn’t “have” to leave her I know I wouldn’t have. It just broke my heart seeing her like that, especially since she doesn’t do that very often at all. But she was fine after a while my mom said, especially once they went to Wal-Mart and she got a few things to play with at Meme’s. Oh but how much I love that baby. :)


Owens Pumpkin Patch...

Yesterday we meet some friends out at the "Owen's Pumpkin Patch". We were actually planning on going next weekend but our husbands informed us that next weekend was the Texas/OU game and it started at noon so not much time to squeeze in the pumpkin patch so we went this weekend. It was really neat. It was only $7 to get in and it included a hayride, feed for the animals and a hot dog. Landrie was in a bit of a whiney mood, I think she was just tired since we had to wake her up that morning. Plus she slept almost 3 hours afterward so we were pretty sure that was it. lol But it was fun anyway, just wish it was a little bit cooler. I am SO ready for fall/winter. I am getting so excited about all of the holidays coming up!


Plano Balloon Festival...

We actually went Saturday, September 20 but I have been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to update the blog.

I had been hearing and seeing all over the t.v. about the Plano Balloon Festival and decided it would be fun to take L to. So after doing a garage sale that morning which we didn't do too bad I must say we all laid down and rested and then got ready and headed out there. Man was it crowded!!!!!!!!!! You could barely move. I kept hearing people say they had been there several times before and never seen it that crowded, of course that would be the year we decide to go. lol We made the best of going but I still wish it wasn't so crowded. Landrie had fun and that's really all that matters, right?

Trying to get Landrie too look at me for a picture

Waiting in line to get her face painted

Sitting so still letting the lady paint her face, she was so excited

She LOVED it!

Picture of her and some Halloween cookies her and I made last weekend.

One thing funny she did say when we were going through her stuff for the garage sale...
" I NOT like 'dis darage sale stuff berry much, not at all!" lol
She was fine once we told her we would use the money to go and buy her new toys.