Here Goes NOTHING!

I promised several friends that I would start one of these. I signed up for it weeks ago but kept putting it off out of fear. I plan to update this weekly, maybe more once I get braver and more use to everything. I am wanting to just do a family blog where everyone can just click on and stay updated with us and see new pics of Miss L. But bare with me for a while until I get the hang of it. Hope you all enjoy the pics at least. LOL

My first OFFICAL post will be that of the lastest pics of Miss L. The first one is from about 2 weeks ago when the poor thing had strep throat. I call it "My sick sleeping beauty"

Here are some from this past weekend, her and I made Valentine cupcakes...

AND the finished product!

And for the record... she is standing on a STOOL! She isn't that tall yet! LOL