Home Improvement Project/My Christmas Present/Baby Zoey and More...

A few days after Christmas I told Cory I wish we would have redone the laundry room as one of my Christmas gifts and of course the light bulb instantly went off in his head and he said we can so do it and pretty cheap too. So of course I said well lets get going and off we went to Home Depot and Lowes to pick out a new cabinet, paint and all the other things we needed or wanted. It took a little longer than expected, but the end result is awesome and we love it. During the week baby Zoey Love Bullock was born as well, she is such a doll and super sweet. We are so excited for Zeke and Melanie.

Landrie playing with some of her new Christmas presents

She is going to be such a great big sister one day

Pretty girl

Landrie found some of the masks Cory brought home from work and this is how she put them on, silly girl. lol

We finally got the cute glitter letter Paw-Paw and Nana bought for Landrie back when they took her to the state fair

The adorable wall hanging Nicole made her for Christmas, it is so cute

Landrie dancing in her room to Carrie Underwood

The laundry room before...


Landrie was so sleepy from helping us that she crashed early.

The tile work on the floor

New light that has a built in sensor that makes the light come on when you walk in the room and turn itself off after 3 minutes of sensing no movement, LOVE IT!

And the finished project! SO excited, it's awesome!

Meeting Baby Zoey!

Beautiful girl

Mommy and baby, so sweet

Happy new family, minus Jason who went home with his Honey for the night. He is one super excited Big Brother! :)

Proud new daddy and baby girl

Zeke and Zoey

Landrie loving on the new baby, she said she wants one too! Ahh! :)

Cory's turn to hold the sweet new baby

Thinking about crying

But she decided not to. :)

Cory, Landrie and Zoey

Landrie holding Zoey

Mommy and Landrie


Merry Christmas!

Landrie must have been a VERY good girl this year, Santa brought her some REALLY good stuff. Guess Eddie liked what he saw and reported it back to Santa. :) She got a 19" FLAT screen tv for her room, a pink Razor scooter, a pink digital camera that is also a video camera and a cool princess projector flashlight. Of course she got all kinds of fun things in her stocking as well like special earrings that kind of dangled a little and looked like such big girl earrings, she loved them. She was so excited and happy about it all!!! After she got over the excitement of all the Santa gifts it was onto "present mania" from Mommy, Daddy and Uncle Shawn Shawn. Once again she hit the jackpot of course. After we were done opening our presents as a family we got ready and headed over to my parents house to have Christmas with them along with my brother and my niece Alycia. It was a great day, we had so much fun and I was also super excited that we made time and remembered to get some family pictures this year.

Ripping into her Eazy Bake Oven, boy was she super excited

Barbie clothes from Uncle Shawn Shawn

On this box it said, "Gymboree" and Landrie said, "MACY'S???!!!" It was so funny, we had to tell her no it said "Gymboree" and then she was all excited especially when she found out it was the peace outfit she had been wanting.

The aftermath... lol

Landrie taking a picture of Cory and I with her new camera

At my parents...

Cory relaxing as soon as we got there pretty much, lol

Landrie posing with her new camera

Pretty girl

Poppie with both of his granddaughters

Let the present opening begin!

Leapster Tinkerbell game!

Look at the mess and we weren't even done yet!

Landrie helping Meme open her present, I think Meme love it

Alycia opening all her gifts

Mollie the bulldog

Landrie playing with her "Get Well Baby"


Landrie playing and singing with her new piano from Meme and Poppie

The Griffin Family
Christmas Day 2009

The girls...
My mom (Meme), Me, my niece (Alycia) and of course Miss Landrie, wonder if my parents will ever have a grandson one day. lol If they don't it will be okay, they are great with girls anyway. :)

Meme with her granddaughters

My parents with the granddaughters, so sad to say that I don't think we have ever taken a pic of my parents with both girls at the same time or if we have it's been a LOOOOONG time, we plan to get better about that.


My brother, Shawn and his daughter Alycia with the dog he got her when she was about 7, Mollie.

The whole family, now I know for a fact we have never got a family pic like this before, so glad we finally got one, hopefully we will get better about trying to get at least one every year.

Merry Christmas everyone!