Stinkin' Cute...

On Saturday Cory went fishing so it was just Landrie and I. We had some errands to run and gifts to get for things we are going to next weekend. Although I think Landrie came out the best in that deal. I think she got something or several things every single store we went to. Some she needed and others were just because she is so stinkin' cute. lol No really she is a good girl even when I tell her she can't get something. Telling her "maybe for her birthday" seems to work every time. I know there will come a day when it won't and she will have a complete meltdown and embarrass me to death but for now it works. =) Then she goes off on what she wants for her birthday and that she wants a princess cake and all that talk begins and soon her mind is off of whatever she wanted and onto her birthday. lol I had her in the CUTEST outfit on Saturday though. It use to be Tate's and I always loved it and was thrilled when Tate's mom gave it to Landrie. My brother had just given Landrie some pink converse and they looked adorable with the outfit. Everyone was making comments everywhere we went.
Saturday night we went with my friend Torrie to the Crandall H.S. spring show. That is where she went and her mom use to be the director there as well so she was going and invited L and I to go. I knew L would be in heaven since she LOVES to sing and dance, especially dance. What I didn't know was that she would put on her own little show in the stands. She was dancing and copying exactly what the girls were doing and loving it. She had her own audience within the audience. She was too cute. I really need to get her in some dance classes this fall. Thanks for inviting us Torrie we had a great time. =)

Before we left to run our errands that morning. Not too fond of the action on this one but oh well...
LOVE this one... lol
Ahh pictures now Mommy? But you said we were leaving to go to Aunt Torrie's

LOOOOOOVE these, just not sure which edit I like the best.


I can't open my eyes Mommy, the sun keeps getting in them
Dang sun, this probably would have been pretty cute

Love it!



Here are a few more pics from the ones I took on Monday after Landrie got her hair cut. Hope you all have a great weekend...

Landrie In Concert...

This has become a nightly thing for her to do. After she brushes her teeth first it's then my turn to make sure and get everything. She usually sits down on her potty seat/stool and I brush them. Well lately she has been putting on a concert every night before she lets me brush them. Here are a couple of videos of her from the other night...


Hair Cut...

I finally had enough of L's long, thick, curly at the bottom, tangled hair. It was becoming a huge ordeal just to brush her hair so you can only imagine how having to actually fix her hair went. Lets just say there were REAL tears shed daily because of her hair being long and thick and the curls at the bottom tangling. Even the spray on detangler didn't completely help all the time. So after 2 major ordeals of fixing her hair over the weekend I decided Monday after work I was going to take her and get it cut. I told her we were going to cut it and at first she said no and started to cry but then I told her that if we get it cut it won't hurt as bad to brush and fix it anymore so she said ok. I picked her up from my mom's on Monday I was a little nervous to take her not knowing how she would do since we have only had her hair cut once and that was 6 months ago. Although she did great then. Last time she got to sit in their little car for kids but this time they had her sit in the regular chair with a booster in it. She of course wanted the car but she didn't complain really. I gave her a bubble gum lollipop to help keep her busy but really she didn't eat it, she licked it a few times and gave it back. lol She just sat there talking to me or the lady cutting her hair or trying to look in the mirror at herself. (she LOVES doing that, haha) She did great though, thank goodness! So now I am pleased to say brushing and fixing her hair is going MUCH smoother these days. =) I also picked up this new leave in conditioner made by Johnson & Johnson that I put in her hair right after her bath and then I comb it that helps a lot too as well as the spray detangler when it's dry.

Fixing to start

Such a good girl just sitting with her lollipop

All done and checking out all the products, ESPECIALLY the nail polish ;)

At home in the backyard with dry hair

Growing up waaay too fast



We went to Blaze's 1st birthday party. It was at a park in Sunnyvale, Landrie had a blast. Too bad it was full sun so it made it hard to get good pictures. But I think I managed to get some. Of course some are just Mommy goggle ones but that's ok, sometimes those turn out to be the best ones and the most remembered. ;)

I love pics of her from the back for some reason
I see you Mommy

Cutie pie
Stopping to pose

She saw some other kids doing this along with hanging upside down off of it and she was SO proud that she figured out how to hang from it (her feet are off the ground but only by like an inch or 2, lol)

Umm do I want to try this?

In deep thought

The Birthday Boy! He is too stinkin' cute!

Hmm, is this cake up to my standards in the moistness department?

Why yes it is


LOVE this one!

I think this one is just too cute

Pretty girl
Come on Mommy, get this over with so I can go play some more

She loves to ride on Daddy's shoulders, much braver than I was at that age, I HATED to ride on my dad's shoulders

Daddy & Landrie

Landrie and I having a Mommy & Me moment

Mommy & Landrie


Cory went fishing pretty much all day Saturday so that left Landrie and I to hang out together. We went and got donuts for breakfast came back and I cleaned some and played with her. Then we had to get ready to go to Aunt Torrie's house for a purse party. Never been to one but it was pretty neat I must say. Landrie was all into the jewelry, she is such a girl. Oh and playing and jumping on Aunt Torrie's bed (which is a big NO NO at home but she was at Aunt Torrie's so it was ok lol) with another little girl a little older than her. But they were having the best time. Landrie did say something pretty funny while we were there though, she looked out the blinds in Torrie's room and asked me "What's wrong with her backyard? She doesn't have a slide and swings!" We all laughed, it was pretty funny I must say. After it was over we stayed and hung out with Aunt Torrie for a while, Landrie loves her and loves all the attention she gives her. ;) Thanks again for having us over Torrie, we had a lot of fun and can't wait to hang out again, especially Landrie, she talks about you daily. =)

Later on after we got home Tate came over and we went down to our neighbors house to hang out, let the kids play and eat dinner together. It's so nice to get along so well with your neighbors and love to hand out with them. The kids love it. My brother had bought a water balloon sling shot and the guys were having a blast with that. The kids were loving playing with water balloons as well. Here are some pics from that...

Landrie getting Ace wet

Tate's tiny pink balloon, she loved that it was so small
Miss Kennedy


Ace asking me to tie that balloon, he had like a drop of water in it and wanted someone to tie it. lol


Having fun

Mr Ace
See my "boo" balloon Mommy?

Baby Lily (10 months) she is Kennedy and Ace's baby sister, she is the sweetest baby
Too cute!