Memorial Day Weekend...

We decided to have a small get together for Memorial Day with family and close friends, we had a blast hanging out with everyone and eating good food. Hope everyone else had a great Memorial Day as well, loved the 3 day weekend. Any extra time I get with my family is the best! :)

I have been crafty again lately, I made these for Landrie while I had strep the other day and was confined to my bedroom. lol They were so much fun to make and I thought they turned out super cute. Landrie loved them!

The tank top I made for her to match, can't wait to put it on her
Landrie holding Braxton at our get together, he is such a good sweet baby, we just love him


Graduation and Big Red Ball!

Landrie had preschool graduation the other night at her school. The kids sang some songs and then they all were presented with their certificates. It was so bittersweet, it means that my baby is fixing to start BIG school and isn't my little baby anymore, but she will always be my baby in my heart. I love her so much, as her and I say... "Around the world and back again". :)

She pretty much just stood there and barely sang, she did a few of the hand motions and that's about it, we were laughing, she has done this before and we have no idea why. The child LOVES to sing, but I guess it's because this isn't her type of music. :)

Landrie with her certificate of completion of preschool

My pretty girl

Landrie with Mrs. Johnson

Landrie with Mrs. Harris

Landrie with her buddy Chloe, such a cute and sweet little girl
Had to get a family pic

Faith, Chloe and Landrie

Landrie with her Nana and Meme

Shawn is known for buying crazy toys and things for Landrie and of course he didn't disappoint when he bought her this big red blow up ball that you get in and roll around in. The kids LOVE it.


Croup... AGAIN! and Field Day...

Well Landrie stayed the night with Cory's parents on Saturday night, Sharon called me on Sunday and said that Landrie had a horrible cough and fever. So I went and got her and took her to the doctor. She had an ear infection and croup. Shocker, NOT! My poor baby has had so many upper respiratory things this winter I am sure it's from all the allergies she has, it just makes all the illnesses you get worse when you get them. I am so glad summer is on it's way, I sure hope this means we will get a break from the illnesses Landrie has had this winter and spring.

My parents left to go out of town to Shreveport to get their prescriptions. Since Landrie got sick I decided to just take off and stay home with her. Since my parents got a new puppy we brought her back over to our house since she is younger and can't hold it as long as the older dogs can. Landrie adores Libbie and Libbie adores Landrie, it's so cute to see them together. Makes me want to get Landrie a puppy for about 10 seconds and then the sweet, warm, mushy feeling is gone. ;)

Later in the week was Landrie's field day at school, they set up a "Texas Motor Speedway" for the kids to ride, drive or scoot their way around, it was so cute. There was 2 bouncehouses, water and sand tables and snacks. The kids had a blast, as did the parents, it is so much fun to watch your own children do fun things like this. I just wish it was going by as fast as it is.

Libbie Lou Lou

Landrie playing with Libbie, don't you just love the beanie and white flower girl dress Nana gave her.

Playing on the bounce house

Popsicle time

Best of friends


Beginning of May...

Not too much new going on, Christina's baby shower is tomorrow so I made this diaper cake for the shower. It was SO easy and so much fun to make, I can't wait to make more of them for other people. I am loving my crafy side that is coming out lately, it's been a blast and nice to know I can actually do and make more things than I ever thought I could. Now if I could just maybe make a little money from some of them it would be so nice. :)

While I was making the diaper cake Landrie came out of her room dressed like this, it was so cute and SO her that I had to snap a pic. I just love her spunk and kind heart. I am so glad she is my daughter.

Christina's shower, diaper cake