New Bike!!!

Cory's parents came by today and gave Landrie a new princess bike, she is in heaven. She loves it. They also got her a helmet and knee pads. It was too chilly and windy for her to take a spin on it outside so we just let her ride it around the house. She has gotten the hang of it super fast, all except for stopping. She hasn't really gotten how to use the brakes yet so she just uses whatever is closest, you know like the door, the couch, the fridge, the oven, the wall and so on. LOL All you hear is loud thud or boom and then "I am okay!" It's hilarious.

This Friday Cory and I are both off since it's Good Friday, we plan to dye Easter eggs with her, I know she will love that. I promise to take pics of that as well. The Easter Bunny should drop by and make an appearance over the weekend as well and should have some great goodies for Miss Landrie, she will be thrilled. Not really sure yet our plans for Easter Day, maybe just say home and hide eggs for her around our house. I am sure no matter what we do it will be fun.