Happy Halloween!

On Thursday Landrie got to have her FIRST school party! She was so excited, as was I. I had to do all the cute crafty Mommy stuff. I made aluminum cans into pumpkins, bottle caps into magnets and of course baked. It was so much fun! They had games with candy prizes and a table where they could frost and decorate their own cupcake and cookies. The kids had a blast!

On Halloween day we didn't do too much during the day. Halloween night though we got Landrie all dressed up in her "good witch" costume and took her around to trick-or-treat. We were really disappointed in the lack of people handing out candy this year, she barely got any and we were out for a while. Most years her bag is full within like 30 minutes and only going down 2 streets. Oh well she doesn't actually eat too much of it, plus there is always next year. The main thing is she had fun.

I went into the bathroom to get ready and came out to find her asleep like this...

School Party...

Fishing Game

Meme helping Landrie make a cupcake

Silly girl

Landrie with her teacher, Mrs. Harris

Posing for Mommy

She LOVED this elephant game!!! You put a "packing peanut" in it's trunk and put it in it's mouth and in return a piece of candy comes out of his trunk

Picking out a prize

Halloween Day, finally here!!! So excited!

Miss Priss, the "GOOD WITCH"

Ready for bed after tons of Halloween fun


Austin for the Weekend...

Back in the summer I noticed a Coach at the high school had some UT game tickets for sale. So being the good, sweet wife that I am forwarded the post to my hubby. Well of course he jumped at it and picked a game and got 4 people to say they wanted to go. So the time finally was here, it was Saturday, October 10th. Landrie and I were actually going to stay home but when I found out that my good friend from Weslaco was going and taking their 4 year old daughter (her hubby was already going to go, I think he might be an even bigger UT fan than my husband!) then we decided it would be fun to go too. So we got up pretty early and headed that way, we went out to eat and did a little shopping at the Co-op store, all I can say is CROWDED on game days! Holy cow! While the guys were at the game us girls were on a while goose chase looking for a kid friendly place to go, I think we drove around forever and ever in the wrong direction before finding a Chick-fil-A LITERALLY like 5 miles from our hotel! Knew I should have gone the other way first! Oh well, live and learn. So we had dinner and let them play at Chick-fil-A and then we headed to the best store ever... TARGET!!! :) Love me some Target. Well while we were in there looking around a lady stopped me and I thought she said "did you use to be a babysitter?" I know I probably looked at her like she was nuts and I said "no, I am from Dallas" then Myra looked at me and said "yes you were!" She had actually asked me if I use to be on Babycenter there are mommy boards on there where you can chat with other mommy's and such. I use to get on there all the time until I switched jobs and everything under the sun is blocked. She was another mom on the board and heard me say Landrie's name and recognized Landrie and I and then of course the recognized Myra and Jayda. That is actually how Myra and I met, on Babycenter. :) It was really neat to just "bump" into someone like that. We let the girls play for a little while and we chatted and said we would definitely have to try and get together again one day, that would be really neat. After Target we headed back to the hotel about that time the guys were coming back too, they had a blast at the game and had AWESOME seats!!! They sat practically right next to "Cowboy Troy!" Cory said he was super nice.

The next day we all met for lunch and then took the girls to play at the Children's Museum in Austin, it's a super neat one. We had a great trip, minus all the driving around looking for parking places and the times it was crowded, but that is just part of going to a college town during game time. :) Can't wait to go again!


Blog Book...

I finally finished my blog book a few weeks ago and confirmed I was ready to have it printed, it just came in the other day and I am so excited about it. I am so glad I found out about this website, it was so easy to upload pictures and text to and create a book that we will always treasure. The price was awesome as well, definitely cheaper and more time saving than having the pictures printed and having to either scrap them or put them in an album. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to scrapbook but have trouble finding the time to do it as often as I would like, so this was perfect!

Here is a little sample of it, if any of my friends are interested in seeing the entire thing let me know next time you are over or tell me and I can bring it with me to show you...

The front cover

Some of the inside pages

On the last 2 pages I put the funny things she did or said during the year

The back cover, I didn't allow as much as I had thought for the wording at the bottom, it wrapped a little, but oh well, not too bad for my first try I must say


Crazy Storm Clouds!!!

A storm came through the other day and the clouds were so incredible that I HAD to grab the camera. The punch of the storm was definitely not as big as it's build up but it was neat to watch.

* The dogs were barking like crazy and driving me nuts and I said "AHH, THOSE DOGS!!!" and Landrie said, "I know right!" haha so funny what they learn from us!