Disney World Trip...

The week before we left Landrie came down with a sinus infection. I almost didn't take her to the doctor but I thought since it was still almost a week before we left I better just in case. The least they would say was that it was just a cold and it would have to run it's course but nope, a sinus infection. Not that I ever want her to be sick, but at that moment I was glad it was something so I could give her something to make her feel better but little did I know how long it would take for the antibiotic to kick in and how awful all the symptoms are/were.

I must say that was a 100 times worse than anything else she has ever had. She had a horrible cough and all the drainage along with the cough would make her throw up at night and then the cough surpressent was only good for 4 hours so she would go to sleep and be great but then 4 hours later when it wore off she was up coughing and then of course she would throw up because of it and then be wide awake for at least an hour or 2. Cory and I were exhausted! As well as Landrie I am sure. Poor thing, she would fall asleep in her carseat in the car and would start coughing and wake herself up only about 10 minutes after she fell asleep. It was so sad. She was also all stopped up and congested, it was awful. She finally started to feel better that Friday before we left. But we all started the trip off tired. And as many know. Disney World is not a relaxing vacation, well at least not the trip we just took.

On Saturday, March 14th we set out for Austin. We found the best deal and nonstop flights out of Austin on Southwest. So we left around 10:00 or so on Saturday morning. We got to Austin around 4:00 and Cory just had to stop and find the Texas University Co-op store. I must say that store was really neat. 3 stories of nothing but UT stuff, I must say. Cory was in heaven!!! LOL So right out of the gate we spent quite a bit there. But it was fun. After there we went onto the hotel we were going to stay in and leave our cars while we were gone. Our friends from Weslaco met up with us at the same hotel and we went out to dinner and ran some errands. We had to wake up about 5:30 on Sunday morning in order to catch the hotel shuttle at 6:30 to take us to the airport. We were running around like crazy of course. We got to the airport around 6:45 but the curb check line was pretty long and so we didn't get through that and security until about 7:30. But it wound up working out great since our flight started boarding around 7:45 in order to take off at our 8:05 departure time. I was glad there wasn't a ton of waiting time at the airport before we took off. I was ready to get our trip going. Landrie did great on the plane, of course she had to check out the bathroom on board, I honestly don't understand how in the world people join "the mile high club" there was barely enough room in there for me and Landrie! lol Landrie played on the plane with her things for a little while, but soon fell asleep which was nice for Cory and I since that meant we didn't have to worry about her getting bored.

I am going to just post pics and blog about the pics as I go, it will be much easier...

Here the girls are on the charter shuttle bus from the airport to Disney World. They loved it, especially Landrie... NO carseat and she could sit anywhere she wanted.

Looking out the window at everything in awe!

On Sunday after we arrived we headed straight to Magic Kingdom. Here is a group picture of all of us.

Now a family pic. The girls weren't too thrilled with all the pics right then, they just wanted to hurry up and get in the park. Can't say I blame them, I was excited too.

We spotted Pluto outside the entrance and we stopped to snap pics and get his autograph, Landrie kept lifting up his ear to "tell him secrets. " lol

The beautiful castle, Landrie was so excited!

The first thing she wanted to do was ride Dumbo. We waited for 30 minutes at least in line, but she did so good waiting.

She loved being able to control the elephant and make us go up and down, down and up. She would crack up as she would do it.

Landrie and Ariel, her favorite Disney princess

She was a great Ariel, had her down to a T, the way she talked and everything, the girls loved it

On Sunday night we had dinner at Chef Mickey it was a great dinner. Lots of fun seeing and taking pics with the characters.

After dinner we went back to Magic Kingdom. The girls were dying to ride the teacups and the men were both whimps and said "I can't do spinning" so Myra and I jumped on with the girls and we all had a blast! They cracked up the entire time.

Cory snapped this gorgeous pic of the castle in the middle of changing colors, I love it!

Here the girls are passed out before we even left the park, they had a fun filled busy day.

On Monday we got up and took the girls to the "Biddidi Bobbidi Boutique" for their princess makeovers. They were in heaven.
I just loved the way she was sitting in this pic, just like a little diva.

The end result, our beautiful princess with her hair, makeup and nails done. She asks all the time if/when she can go back and do the makeover again. lol

Family pic outside of the family in front of the castle

Landrie holding Tinkerbell

The princesses in front of the castle after their makeovers

Landrie with Cinderella right before our princess lunch in the castle

Landrie was so excited she hugged Snow White

The girls with Sleeping Beauty, or Aurora as Jayda would always be sure and correct us. LOL

Landrie and Jasmine, she was a great Jasmine

Landrie and Belle

Right after lunch the girls were exhausted and passed out in the stroller

Later that evening we went out to watch the parade of lights, here Landrie is sitting on Daddy's shoulders waiting. She looks like a true princess here. Oh yeah, she only wore the dress for a few hours, she said it go itchy. lol

King Triton float

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Snow White

After the parade we went and saw Tinkerbell and friends

Night pics in front of the castle

Group pic
Mommy and Daddy pic, very rare to get just the 2 of us in pics now days

Daddy and Landrie looking at the castle, just wish she was still in her Cinderella dress, oh well... still so cute
Tuesday, St. Patrick's Day was kind of a waste, it was so busy everywhere. The night photographer at Epcot did not know the settings to use at night.

Mommy and Landrie in our matching St. Patrick's Day shirts, all us girls had matching shirts, it was super cute

On Wednesday we went back to Epcot for a while, the Nemo ride was a lot of fun, the girls loved it

After a little while at Epcot we headed over to Hollywood Studios. We saw the Beauty & The Beast Show, the girls were in awe, it was SO good!!!

Family pic at Hollywood Studios

On Thursday morning we had breakfast with Lilo & Stich, awesome breakfast I must say

After breakfast we headed over to Animal Kingdom to ride the Safari ride, it was so crowded that week, I can honestly say I will NEVER go back on Spring Break again.

Landrie with Pocahantas
Landrie and Mommy on the Safari ride

Later that afternoon we had a cookout dinner at the camp grounds, it was so much fun

After dinner we headed back to Magic Kingdom one last time. Jayda wanted to visit with princesses while Landrie wanted to ride rides, so we split up for a little while

Landrie rode Dumbo with Daddy as her very last ride. Kind of neat, she started out riding Dumbo and ended riding it.
Last family pic at Magic Kingdom, Landrie has her Minnie ears on and her "Lady" puppy we bought her at Epcot, she loves that puppy and sleeps with it every night.

On Friday we headed back to Austin and spent the night at a nice hotel on Lake Travis. This was Landrie at the hotel around 10:00, she asked to watch a movie but before I could turn it on for her this is how I found her... Poor baby was exhausted.

The next morning she was up and going again. Here she is on the balcony over looking the lake

Overall it was a very fun trip, just wish it wasn't so crowded. But Landrie had a blast and that's all that really matters. Can't wait to go back again.

Funny things Landrie said or did...

- We had the spray sunblock and the first morning I sprayed it on her you could see the blonde hairs on her legs really well. She looked up at me and said, "what are those???!!!"

- One afternoon when we took a break from the parks and took the girls swimming Landrie of course had to go potty. So I took her, after she was done she told me to hurry up and help her get her bathing suit back on that she didn't want anyone to see her "balls" a.k.a. boobs. LOL

- One of the nights we were at Magic Kingdom we rode the Speedway Racecars, Landrie LOOOOVED them, especially since she could drive them (they were on a track). She would tell us. "it's okay, to just hang on and we would be there in a second" and not to worry, she was a good driver. She would jerk us around and all we could do was crack up, especially when she would say "it's okay". lol It was so much fun, I think she rode those 4 times in a row, switching out with Cory and I.

- On the way home in the plane we could see some cows and she said "Hi Cows!" it was too cute


As soon as we got off the plane in Orlando Landrie was turned around looking for Daddy and turned back around just in time to run smack into a pole. Everyone jumped up for her. It was so sad, she was so excited to be there and as soon as she gets off the plane she gets a nice red mark on her forehead.

- The next day while at Magic Kingdom Landrie tripped over Cory's foot and skint her poor little knee.

- Then about 3 hours after that while waiting in line to see/meet Tinkerbell she was playing with Daddy and she ran up to tickle him and missed and hit her mouth on the rail. She chipped her front tooth, not bad, you can barely tell, but still, it hurt. All she wanted to do was go and brush her teeth to get that griddy feeling to go away. I felt so bad for her, my poor baby was getting all beat up at the happy place on earth. lol She is so accident prone at times. But after those injuries she didn't get hurt again, but that was enough for me.