Spring Break 2010...

This year for spring break we decided to stay home and do fun things around town, including hanging out with our great friends from Weslaco. On Saturday before spring break started we went to Meg's 6th Birthday Party at Bouncin' Around and had a great time. Landrie had been really grumpy all day, except at the party but I thought no big deal. So that night Landrie spent the night with her Nana Banana and the next morning about 10 Sharon called me and said Landrie was running fever and had a cough. Of course she would be getting sick, we were about to be off for a week for fun and time with our good friends from Weslaco. So I took her to Care United here in Forney on Sunday and they said it sounded like croup and that she also was getting an ear infection. Poor thing, they tested her for both flu and rsv, that was awful, she knows what those sticks are for and immediately starts crying when she sees those sticks come out. So we got together with Myra and Jayda while the guys were out fishing and the girls played great. We planned a full day of shopping for Monday since Landrie seemed better and her illness wasn't too serious. Bad choice, once we got to one of my favorite places... Sam Moon, you could tell she didn't feel good, she was whiny and just really sleepy and coughing still when the other times she has had croup she only coughed at night, not during the day. Plus, her fever kept returning every 3-4 hours which doesn't happen when she has croup either. So we didn't shop for too long and we went home and had them over for dinner and let the girls play at our house again. On Tuesday when Landrie wasn't better we decided to go see our regular pediatrician, our beloved Dr. Chinn, who pretty quickly figured out that Landrie had bronchitis, it explains the deep cough, fever, fatigue, length of illness, all of it. So more medicine to get filled, but within a day or 2 she did feel better and I was able to snap some pics of her that are below, she still didn't feel 100% but a lot better. We also went to Six Flags on Friday, but unfortunately I started to feel bad Thursday night but I just brushed it off as allergies. Well I kept ignoring it all weekend and felt worse each day so I went to the doctor finally on Monday and yep, I had bronchitis too! This month is going to wind up being one expensive month for co-pays and prescriptions. Hopefully next year's spring break will be much better!!!

Landrie playing with my small hand held camera, she wanted to be like Mommy ;)

Rocking her sweet baby, she is going to be such a great big sister ONE day. :)

Pretty girl

Practicing writing her name, if I could only get her in the habit of writing just the L capital and the rest lowercase we would be great

Silly thing

Just thought this was cute, the way our feet were on the couch together


Braxton Bo Is Here!!!

On Friday, March 5th my best friend had her precious miracle, Braxton Bo Deville. He weighed in at 7 lbs exactly and was 18.5 inches long. He looks just like his daddy and is the sweetest thing. I am so happy for my friend, this has been a long road but a road that had a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end. We saw him on Friday as well as Saturday, we just couldn't get enough of that sweet baby and his great parents.

Landrie being a big girl and holding Braxton, she loved him

Already trying to be "motherly" and getting something off his face

Torrie's sister Taylor

Taylor, Braxton, Landrie and Debbie, Torrie's mom

Torrie's Dad, Mike

Sweet baby

Look at that little foot

Bo touching him to calm him, so sweet

Landrie checking him out

Congrats again Bo & Torrie!!!


Baby Zoey Visits...

We decided to have a small fish fry one night spur of the moment and invited our good friends and neighbors over as well as Nana, Paw-Paw, Zeke, his wife Melanie and their 2 kids Jason (5) and baby Zoey (2 months). The girls went nuts over Zoey, they wanted to hold and play with her the whole time, they were so good and sweet to her. She is such a cutie who looks like her daddy. :) We all had a great time hanging out and enjoying great food!

Kennedy holding Zoey ALL by herself. Melanie is so calm, she even gets up and leaves the girls holding the baby all alone, so much braver than I am. Love that calmness about her, I know I wouldn't be that way. lol

Landrie and Kennedy with Zoey

Sweet Zoey sleeping

Once everyone had left and I went in the bedroom after cleaning up I found this...

Sooo cute, they were so tired and were asleep in no time