So Busy Lately...

Last weekend we didn't do too much, I just didn't happen to take any pics of Landrie. This week and weekend on the other hand was jammed packed with things to do. I have been so busy at work trying to get everything in order and ready since it's a brand new school opening this year. But it's been really hard since I don't have phones, internet or a computer. But that should all be set up and ready to go this week, thank goodness. Thank you so much to all of my new friends at the other schools who have let us invade their space and use their things. ;) I really do appreciate it more that you will ever know. Thanks for helping me learn the ropes as well, it's a lot to learn but it's been a lot easier with all of your help.

I had my first workshop classes to go to this week. They actually weren't too bad but it was hard to sit there and not think about all the other work I needed to get done and could be doing while in the classes. lol It was also so funny to see that no matter what age you are you still can get distracted, bored, anxious to leave, doodle, do things on the computer you shouldn't be doing while the teacher is talking/teaching. All of us adults wondered at least once if not more during the class. Brought back SO many memories of High School. HA HA.

On Friday I went to the doctor, I have a nice rash from getting a pedicure. I can't remember what he said the name of it was but it's something to do with the hair follicles. I have to take an antibiotic 4 times a day. It's okay as long as I don't shave but as soon as I do I get these little bums that look like goosebumps and they itch. I am just glad it's that rash and not the other one that makes the boils that leave scars, he said it should clear up and be gone by the time I am done with the antibiotic, thank God! After the doctor we went and surprised Nana at work, we hung out there with her for about an hour and then Landrie and I went to Babies R Us and then to get her hair cut, only my child would ask to go get a hair cut. lol So I took her to Cool Cuts for Kids, it was so neat, she got to pick out a dvd to watch and sit in a taxi cab, she LOVED it. Then we went to Garden Ridge where I got a ton of greenery stuff for the house, they were having a pretty good sale. lol We ran to Walgreens to drop off my prescription, the post office to get stamps and mail something, Wal-Mart to get my contacts and probably somewhere else that I seem to be forgetting about, it was a busy day. Then Aunt Torrie came over and hung out with us for a few hours that evening.

On Saturday we got up and went and picked up Nana & Paw Paw and set out to look for Landrie big girl bed. We didn't go to a ton of places but it was so hot outside it drained us all and it seemed like it was a never ending task. But finally at the last place we went to we found her a twin size sleigh bed that will match her dresser pretty well we all thought. We went ahead and got her mattresses because they were such a great price. We had to order her bed and it should be in in about 2-3 weeks. I can't wait, I think it is going to be SO cute!!! Thanks again Nana and Paw Paw for helping us buy it. After we got home we went to have dinner over at Uncle Bo and Aunt Torrie's house. We all just hung out and had a good time. Thanks again guys for having us over, we love hanging out with you.

On Sunday, Cory got up early and went fishing with some friends. Landrie and I hung out around the house all morning and played and did some cleaning. Torrie came over about 2:45 and we went to Target and got Landrie some things for her new room. We also got her a leotard and skirt since she will be starting a ballet/tap class in September, she is so excited. I can't wait for her to start, I think she is going to LOVE it. Then we ran to Babies R Us to get her a new carseat to keep in Daddy's new truck, we take it more than we thought we would so I wanted her to have a safer carseat. I am VERY anal about her being in a 5 point harness carseat as long as possible and the one we had in his truck was old and really didn't seem very safe anymore. So I picked her up one that will go up to 50 lbs and at the rate she is going it will last her a while. lol I wish I could have bought her another Britax like I have in my car but I just couldn't bring myself to spend $250-300 again on a carseat, at least not yet. We also went to Dollar Tree and got some fun things for L to play with and then to Wal-Mart to do a little grocery shopping. We had a lot of fun hanging out with Aunt Torrie. When we got home Daddy had set up the new mattresses on the floor in Landrie's room to help her get use to them before her new bed arrives. She LOVES playing on them, we are having a hard time teaching her not to jump on her new bed. LOL

Oh I can also say L is 100% day trained now across the board. Last Sunday we were in Wal-Mart and she looked at me with that look I know ALL parents can agree to seeing, that look of "Oh I have to go potty, NOW!" Well she looked at me with that look and was holding herself and she said, "Mommy, we need to go home right now!" I said baby we can't, mind you, I was in line to check out, next to be exact. I was already putting my things on the converbelt. Luckily the person in front of us had a ton of stuff still needing to be rung up and the people behind us didn't mind so off we dashed to the bathroom. I put her up on the potty and reassured her not to be scared and sang "twinkle, twinkle, little star" to her and she went. I cheered, clapped and jumped up and down you know, that crazy potty dance we all do when they are first learning to go potty. lol I got back to the check out and the person in front of us still wasn't done checking out. So that got L over using the public bathroom. Then after having a talk with my mom about not putting L in diapers at naptime she is popping in the potty every time!!! I can't believe how fast and relatively easy it was. I also can't believe how big my baby is getting. :(

Here are some pics I took today when we got home of L in her dance outfit. That is just water on the leotard and I didn't feel like doing any editing today. ;)

And here she goes posing, lol



My parents got her this dollhouse for her birthday and she loves it. She told me to take pictures of her with it, so here they are. lol

I kept asking her to show me how old she was and she finally got tired of me asking and did this, LOL

She did however show me right after. ;)


Landrie's Birthday Celebration...

On Landrie's real birthday we all got up early and went to see the movie "Wall-E", she has been dying to see it. Nana, Paw Paw, Meme, Poppie, Tate, Mommy and Daddy all went to see it. We went to the 10:00 show since we thought the earlier the better since she will have just woken up not that long before. It was really a cute movie and Landrie did really well, although, she did fall asleep for about the last 30-40 minutes of the movie. lol Poor thing she was so tired from such a looooong and busy weekend. But it was fun. Afterwards we came back to our house and she got to open her presents from Mommy and Daddy. Then we ordered pizza and had Wall-E cupcakes, she was in heaven. Tate stayed over for a while to play with Landrie and enjoy all her new toys. They have so much fun playing together, I am so thankful for their close bond, I hope they have it forever. After Tate left we all laid down and of course as usual Landrie was saying she wasn't tired and didn't want to take a nap. Well she wound up taking a 3 hour nap! We had to wake her up, lol. Then her and I went and got White Cherry Icees and played outside. It was a GREAT day.
Throwing money into the fountain

Looking sooooo big! =(

They wanted a picture of them in the car

Her favorite part... PRESENTS

Princess cash register!

Dancing to Taylor Swift's music video

Dr. Landrie Griffin... hmm... has a pretty nice ring to it doesn't it? lol

Probably going over a payment plan

Tate loved the Furreal puppy that Landrie got, she looks just like the little dog that Tate has so Landrie named her Zin, just like Tate's real dog, lol

We couldn't do candles at the Science Place so we were sure to do them today

Licking the Wall-E that was on her cupcake

Make a wish!


Tate with icing on her face

Now Landrie, goofy girls

We played "Pretty Pretty Princess" game and Tate won

Landrie kept putting the stickers on her feet, lol

Landrie with her "Pretty Pretty Princess" jewelry on


Happy 3rd Birthday Landrie Lou!!!

I can't believe 3 years ago today you came into our lives. You changed us, but in such a positive way. It's hard to remember our lives before we had you without looking at pictures to remind us. You bring such joy to our lives. Time is flying so fast though, I just want to freeze it and make you stay this age forever, well without the occasional tantrums you have, but aside from those I love this age. You are so much fun, you say and do things all the time that crack us up. You are becoming such a sweet little girl, you never want to hurt any one's feelings and it breaks your heart when you do, you will actually cry when you know you hurt someone and it will bother you for days. You love to play pretend, tag, hide and go seek, with babies, barbies, on the trampoline, swimming, on the swing set, really anything outside, reading, painting, coloring, and most of all dancing and singing like Taylor Swift! ;) I love how caring you are, how sensitive you can be at times, the way you smile as big as you can when I come to pick you up after being gone for a while, the way you say "hi Mommy" so sweetly in the mornings when you first wake up and well sometimes you will say it when you know you are doing something you aren't supposed to be doing, and I love that too. lol ;) I love that you want to wear red glittery shoes to Wal-Mart even when they don't match, that you give the very best hugs and kisses ever and I love being your Mommy and being able to watch you grow and turn into such a kind, sweet, caring person. Happy Birthday my sweet baby, I love you MORE than you will ever know!

Boggidy, Boggidy, Boo... I Love You... ;)