Thomas The Train...

I hate our weather sometimes! I swear all week for Friday it said upper 70's partly cloudy to sunny then late Wednesday into Thursday it changed and said that a cool front was going to come through early Friday but the high would still be about 66. WRONG! Yeah the front came through alright but it would up only being about 55, cloudy, windy, drizzly and cold (for us Texans at least, lol). But we made the best of it and had fun anyway. After getting a little lost on the way we got there just in time to hop aboard the train for the 10 am departure so I didn't get any pics of the train before or boarding it. I think we would have had more fun if it were warmer since all but the train and gift shop were outside. But we had fun anyway and Landrie LOVED it and that's all that really matters. On of the men working the exhibit on the train told us that this year they are going to have the Polar Express there at Christmas time. Which we got all excited about especially Landrie she started saying how she wanted to ride on "coo coo express" LOL what she calls it. When we got home I jumped on the computer and looked it up and tickets go on sale in September and it runs the first 3 weekends in December, they will have it all done up to look like the North Pole. Santa will be there, a 30 minute train ride with a story all kinds of fun stuff. We are SO there. LOL I have already marked my calendars. Yes Jill, I said calendars. LOL

Waiting for the train to depart
Quick pic with Daddy

Watching out the window

Smiling pretty for Mommy

Her official Thomas the Train Junior Engineer Certificate. =)

Pic with Mommy

Family pic, wish L was looking but hey we will take whatever we can get. LOL

This is some new show on Sprout. Landrie kept saying she wanted to talk to her (when she was a bit away from her) but once we got up to her to take a pic with her she started to cry. I hope she is over this by the time we go to Disney World next year. LOL

Watching Thomas come back into the train depot

Thomas the Train

I made me some friends at the kids activity table. LOL Last week it was Myra at the Wiggles Place and this week it was me.

Smiling for Daddy

Doing a puzzle with Mommy

Fake smile for Mommy, lol

Grabbing for Daddy's hand

Loving her PINK cotton candy

I told her to look at me so I could take her pic and this is the face she gave me
Smiling at Daddy

How things seem to end a lot these days, lol well actually it was because Daddy told her no more cotton candy because we were fixing to go eat lunch

Within minutes of getting on the highway =)

*Taken with the point and shoot, it's all I could reach in the car

Mermaid Pajamas...

Thank you Meme for the Mermaid pajama's Landrie LOOOOVES them! ;) She had to wear them the VERY night Meme gave them to her so I had to rush home to wash and dry them so she could wear them to bed. lol She is so funny.


Happy Easter!

Whew what a LONG but VERY fun day!!! Landrie actually slept in until 9:15, wahoo!!! lol It happens on average about once a week but not always so it's nice when she does it. Maybe it helped that she got scared in the middle of the night and had to come into our bed and sleep, who knows, I just know Cory and I REALLY enjoyed the extra sleep. lol But the Easter Bunny came during the night and left Landrie a nice basket full of lots of fun things. In the afternoon we went over to Cory's cousin's house for lunch and for an egg hunt outside. It turned out to be a great day and Landrie finally was able to do her first real egg hunt outside with other kids. =)

*MAJOR pic overload*

Basket from the Easter Bunny

Just waking up and coming into the living room
Took all of about 10 seconds for her to spot it on the coffee table, lol

What a sweet girl, opening the card first, lol

Never mind the card, look, it's the Enchanted movie!!!

Playing with her new sticker book and stickers

At Melanie's house...
Poor Brayden, they made him put on this pink Easter Bunny costume that was Hailey's when she was his age. He was a good sport about it, didn't cry about it or anything but once everyone was done taking pics he was taking it off. LOL

Get this thing off of me!

Landrie ready to go out and Easter egg hunt

Is it time yet???
Brayden ready to head out and get eggs

And their off

Hailey on a hunt

Oh wait Landrie, you have to keep your basket with you
Brayden hunting for eggs

Here I found some!
Have to hurry and put them in the basket, there's still more to get

Nana helping Landrie hunt Easter eggs
Lindsey's face when she heard they did the money eggs different this year, LOL

Nana and Landrie

Melanie helping Brayden and Hailey hunt eggs

Landrie trying to show Lindsey she found a "boo" one
Hailey with her haul

Brayden hard at work

Brayden trying to steal some of Hailey's eggs
Paw Paw playing with Landrie

Nana and Daddy helping Landrie go through her eggs

Austin found the $10, Hailey found the $20 and Lindsey found the $5, Landrie got several $1's and coins but she could careless about the money she wanted the candy. lol

Playing in the backyard...
Hailey swinging while their new puppy tries to catch her feet

Bo or Beau, not sure how they are spelling it. But he is their new puppy and he was TOO cute. VERY much a puppy. His eyes were just beautiful!

Daddy helping Landrie pet the puppy, she was just the perfect size for him to knock down. lol

Hailey and Landrie on the trampoline

Landrie's face when she saw Nana and Hailey trying to get the puppy up the slide. lol
Hailey and Ryleigh (Ry Ry)

What ARE you doing Hailey???

Ry Ry playing with the eggs

Dying eggs