Christmas Day...

Landrie woke up about 8:00 am on Christmas morning all excited to see what Santa brought her overnight. Of course he brought her a "banity" (aka vanity) just like she asked for but apparently he didn't bring her the exact one she wanted.  Yes Gina and Tonia, she DID notice, you both assured me she wouldn't and not to worry about it. LOL I should have known she would be just like her Mommy, detail oriented and notice anything different or out of place. :) But it makes for a cute/funny memory and video. She still likes it a lot though, the princesses appear in the mirror and talk to her when she picks the right accessory from the vanity. But she loves looking in the mirror posing and primping. She also got a Polly Pocket Limo set, a boom box and Sugarland C.D. from Santa. Santa was very good to her this year, guess she was a good girl. Oh and for my friends who know the joke... no broken toys. LOL Her favorite things from Mommy and Daddy were the Leapster with a Princess game and Wall-E game she really enjoys playing with that. Other favorites were her princess crown earrings, princess jewelry box, Taylor Swift guitar picks, light up Cinderella dress with matching light up "glass slippers" and LOTS of other things. I got a backpack bag for my camera which will come in handy for Disney World in March (can't wait for that!!!), Leona Lewis C.D. which Landrie keeps stealing and wanting played in her room in her boombox, a COOL crockpot from Landrie that has a timer that I can set and after the time is up it automatically goes to warm and keeps the food warm for up to 14 hours!!! I also got the bracelet I have been wanting for a while, it's a silver charm bracelet with a picture of Landrie on it. I will take a picture of it and post it later. I love it though. Cory got a remote control Hummer from Landrie, some fishing Oakley sunglasses and a gift card to Bass Pro to help him buy a new trolling motor. We had a great family Christmas.

After we were done opening our gifts we got ready and went and picked up my niece and headed over to my parents to do Christmas with them. We had a great lunch, ate waaaay too much, but that's what the holidays are for and about. Then we all sat down and finally opened gifts, Landrie was about to bust waiting to open the gifts. I am sure to her it seemed like forever before we opened gifts but in reality it was only like an hour to an hour and a half from the time we got there, ate and sat down to open gifts. But I remember being that age and hardly being able to wait to open gifts. That's part of it being Christmas and being a kid, it's so exciting. Landrie definitely scored big time with my parents as well. She had so many gifts to open, there was so much paper all around her it was crazy. She had so much fun opening her gifts and then playing with them and trying things on. These last 4 Christmas' have been so much more fun with her in our lives, I can't wait to see the joy and excitement on her face each year. Hope everyone had a great and wonderful Christmas with their family. I also wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year!