Dance Recital

We had been waiting all year for Landrie's dance recital. Landrie was so excited to get to dance up on stage in front of everyone. She did keep asking me if she could sing on the stage after everyone was done dancing. lol She is all about singing on stage. She did a great job, it was SO cute!!!

Landrie getting ready

Sitting in the audience waiting her turn to dance on stage

Landrie posing for Mommy

Landrie and her friend Abby
Little munchkins up on stage dancing

Landrie's class with their teacher, Mrs. Crystal, LOOOOVED her, she used to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Landrie thought that was too cool.
Abby, Emma & Landrie, the original 3 that have been in the class since day 1

Had to get a pic from behind

Marley, she was the youngest, she was too stinkin' cute

Getting ready to go back on stage

Rubber Ducky Dance

Trying to take a group pic of 2-5 year olds is pretty difficult

Landrie and Mrs. Crystal
Finale dance

Landrie with her flowers

Landrie with Nana

Landrie with her Meme and Nana

Landrie with Meme & Poppie

Landrie with Paw Paw & Nana

Landrie with Mommy & Daddy

Landrie just posing in her costume, love it


Off with Mommy...

Here are just some cute pics of Landrie playing guitar one day while I was off with her


Beach Trip

We went down to Surfside Beach from Friday, June 12 - Tuesday, June 16th. We had the best time practically doing nothing. It was so nice NOT to have a schedule and just sit and relax. We woke up whenever we wanted to, went to bed whenever, ate whenever, it was just nice! We plan to make this a yearly event. We went with our neighbors, my brother and some friends of our neighbors who met us down there and had a boat which was as blast. Well except for all the guys talking Cory into going off shore fishing on a day that really wasn't a good day too go, the waves were way too big especially for a newbie. :) Cory spent most of the time on the boat throwing up and not fishing, so that wasn't a fun experience for him, but he got back on the boat a few days later not to fish but to just cruise around with all of us. We had 3 people get stung by jellyfish and no for once Landrie wasn't the one getting hurt, I knew she would be, she got other minor injuries. lol But first to get stung was poor Ace, but after motrin and benedryl and about 30 minutes he was over it and back in the water. Next was Shawn, then Aaron, but not too bad. We had such a good time great food, great company, I am so glad our neighbors invited us.

Christina french braiding Landrie and Kennedy's hair, oh how we loved this look on them. I really need to learn how to french braid, it's so cute on Landrie!

Miss Kennedy, she's so pretty!

My little Lily bug as I call her, have since the day she was born. She was stealing a drink of her Mommy's cherry dr. pepper. Good Stuff!

At the end of the french braids


Friends, so sweet

Lily planning her attack on the water

Landrie drenching herself, lol

Love this pic of Lily! Oh so cute!

Dig that hole!

Sand crab we found

Landrie body surfing

Ace, he's too cute!

Landrie and Daddy playing

Daddy and Landrie

On Saturday while we were there it was Lily's 2nd birthday so we had cake and ice cream to celebrate!

Poor thing, her eyes and cheeks are a little red from spending the day outside, trust me, I reapplied sunblock all day, but the beach sun is so much different, plus you stay out longer not realizing how long it's really been.

Big bite!
Sweet girls, all in pink and not planned. ;)

Would you like some cake and ice cream with those sprinkles Lily bug? haha

Sweet bug waiting to go outside to the beach

My beautiful baby, love this pic

Ace and Landrie, they are the best of buds (Ace is 3 months older)

Cool dude (as Ace would say)

Lily bug actually looking at the camera and smiling, silly thing

Our beach house, it was so nice

Cute bug

The guys were catching baby sharks, the kids loved it

Landrie and Mr. Mike with the shark she helped him reel in

Bye bye baby shark

On Mr. Mike's boat, the girls making funny faces at me and the camera

Handsome Ace

Landrie and Ms. Eileen (Mike's wife) the kids, especially the girls LOVED her, she was so much fun

Crab from the crab trap

Cool chick

So cute

Daddy and Landrie, so sweet
Family pic, love it

Lily and Cory, Lily was singing "baby bumble bee song" lol

Ms. Eileen, she is so sweet

Uncle Shawn Shawn

Mommy and Landrie

Ace, Kennedy and Lily

So pretty

Landrie driving Mr. Mike's boat

Christina posing with dinner, crab (Cory and I didn't eat it, lol)

Everybody hanging out and cooking and EATING in the kitchen

Love this pic of Landrie and just the hat

Love it!


Lily and Cory looking at something they found

Chasing waves
Looking for seashells

So sweet

Sun bathing
Cory pulling Lily on the body board

Landrie's turn

Now Landrie has to pull Lily

Pool on the beach, so funny, but we didn't have to worry about anything

We did a fire on the beach so we could make s'mores

Mr. Mike trying his FIRST, yes first s'more, he really liked it

Going looking for sand crabs

Mr. Mike and Lily bug

Landrie Lou

Mr. Mike's boat

This beach was like surviour island, NOTHING on it, was so deserted.

Sun bathing

Cory calls this her Hizman Pose

Hermit crabs we found

Mommy and Landrie, I really need to make an effort to get out from behind the camera so much and get in more pics

Love this

Guys hanging out and chatting

* The night before we were going to leave we went out on the beach to look for sand crabs. Well the stars were out and Landrie looked up at them and said, " Wish, I wish, we weren't leaving tomorrow."