Zoo Field Trip

Landrie got to have her first school field trip, it was to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. I must say... this has got to be one of the prettiest zoos I have ever seen. We loved it! The prices were great, no crowds like Dallas and Fort Worth and all the extras for the kids are wonderful. It is hands down my favorite zoo, in Texas at least. :)

About to head into the zoo

So cute

Now onto the animals...

I saw this butterfly sitting on a rail and thought it was so pretty

Beautiful white tiger, just wish it wasn't behind plexiglass, there was no part of his exhibit that was where you could see him in the open. :(


Yuck! But a beautiful color
We thought this frog was such a beautiful blue

I thought this was such a cute picture, I love silhouette pictures

Landrie wanted me to take a picture of this orange and black frog because orange is Daddy's favorite color

Landrie wanted to take a picture using Daddy's iphone, she is too big

Having a snowcone

Mommy and Landrie in our matching camo pants :)

Landrie loved the bird sanctuary, she loved getting to feed the birds, it was one of her favorite things to do

So pretty!

They had the neatest sandbox area, it was huge. It had an old red Chevrolet truck in it that Landrie loved, it was so cute.
My beautiful baby

So cute

My Daddy would love to have a (running) truck like this

Working hard ;)

Daddy and Landrie hanging out in the old truck

The 2 loves of my life!

Mommy and Landrie having fun

Love all the trees, it really is a beautiful place

While Landrie was playing we were sitting on some benches that had a turtle exhibit behind it and this one kept going up to the fence like he was trying to break free

Fun tractor to play on

Love the beautiful birds

We loved the goat exhibit that was also a petting area. Almost all the female goats were pregnant, we can't wait to go back and see all the cute babies!

Landrie loved it

She had to pet everyone of them

Outside the petting zoo were the cutest hand washing stations, each one had an animal face with the water coming out of it's mouth

The flowers were gorgious

So pretty

I love, love, love this picture and all because she looks so small walking, it takes me back a few years. I will take it, anything to keep my "baby" a baby for a little longer. :)

This little waterfall was so nice, love this place

The giraffe exhibit was phinomenal!!! I have never seen anything like it.

The cafe tables overlook the giraffes and their habitat

Made for such a beautiful background in pics

Landrie had to have a picture of the longhorn for Daddy! ;) Hook 'Em Horns!

As soon as we hit the main road from the zoo she was OUT! She had a blast, we love that zoo and can't wait to go back