Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve Cory's parents came over to do our Christmas together. Landrie was so excited and so ready to open presents. She did so well this year with presents being under the tree. I am sure it helped when I told her "if you open one before you are supposed to you don't get to keep it." She left them alone. But she did ask if she could pick them up and shake them. lol I didn't mind her doing that. But she definitely got great stuff from Cory's parents as did Cory and I. It was nice just to sit and relax and just enjoy it all. We ordered pizza and just hung out and had no dishes or cleaning to do afterward. Well except for all the wrapping paper and the almost impossible to open toy packages.

* Sorry for the pics not being resized and sharpened for web (i.e. not looking as good) I am just trying to get caught up on the blog and editing takes so much extra time that I really don't have. So just be happy I am getting caught up. :)

Instead of a stocking, Cory's mom gave her a small princess backpack filled with things, she loves it

The Barbie Beetle car that Landrie fell in love with last year after Christmas at a friends house so I had to get her one this year and of course they didn't sell them in stores anymore so I had to buy it off of ebay. We always let her open one gift from us on Christmas Eve and she opened the car, she loves it. I am so glad I got it for her.
Opening presents from Nana & Paw Paw

She has been asking for the Wedding Barbie for months, she was so excited

Nana even found her the matching Barbie dress up dress!!! She was in heaven, she loves to play "married" as she calls it. lol
Nana and Paw Paw got her a princess castle, the thing is huge! Right now while it's still so new and fun we have temporarily moved the coffee table in the formal living room and put it there.
Later that night we put out cookies and milk for Santa, Landrie had to taste the milk and make sure it was okay for Santa to drink. LOL

Oh and the cookies too, haha, that's my girl, sweet tooth just like Mommy and Poppie. :)

The Garland that Cory made, we saw it at Gaylord when we went to see the ICE exhibit and he came home and knew he could make it. He did a great job and everyone who saw it loved it. Next year we are going to do it in the other archway we have like that. (Ignore the Dyson vacuum and Shark steam mop, we had been cleaning, lol)

Landrie walked over to the fireplace and did this... she said "That's where Santa is coming down?"
Putting out the reindeer food to help guide Santa's reindeer to our house

Dance Class

We finally got to go in and watch Landrie dance during her dance class right before her Christmas Party. They did a 30 second dance right before their party to "Frosty the Snowman" for the parents. It was so cute and you could tell Landrie really enjoys it. She is such a ham! They each had to bring Christmas socks for their gift exchange. They also all brought cookies and sweet stuff to eat at their party which was BEFORE dinner of course so needless to say she didn't eat dinner very well, lol, but they all had fun.

Polar Express

On Saturday December 13 we went to Polar Express in Grapevine. It was both sets of grandparents and then us 3. We had so much fun. The weather was perfect, especially since almost all of it was outside. We got out there a little early so we could look around and let Landrie do some of the things they had for the kids to do, Landrie had a blast so in turn we all had a blast seeing her. Landrie also got to ride her very first pony. She LOOOOVED it, I wasn't sure if she was going to like it or not since she hadn't ever done it before but she did and didn't want to get off.

Landrie posing as usual
Daddy kept saying the flash was too bright so that's why he looks funny. It was so hard to take pics on the train and get good lighting

Landrie with Nana and Meme
Landrie with PawPaw and Poppie
Landrie with Poppie holding her Polar Express ticket that they came around and punched at the end of the train ride

Santa came around to all of the kids on the train and talked to them
Landrie petting her pony



On Sunday, November 30th, Cory’s parents took us to the Gaylord Texan hotel to see the ICE exhibit. It was SO neat. Ice carvers from China come and spend a couple of months carving the ice. It is so cold in there you HAVE to wear a parka that they provide for you. It’s a whole 9 degrees in there. It actually wasn’t too bad, the only place that was cold on me was my face because it was the only part of me not covered. They will only let you stay in there for 30 minutes because it’s so cold. But it was so amazing how they do that. The hotel is so nice and was decorated so neat for Christmas. We were going to have our picture taken with Mrs. Claus and the reindeer but the line wasn’t moving, it wasn’t long, just wasn’t moving very fast and we were hungry so hopefully we can get back up there to do that. I know Landrie really wanted to do it. Afterwards we went to The Rainforest CafĂ©, Landrie had been asking to eat there for a while, she LOVES going there. But we had a lot of fun, thanks so much Nana & Paw-Paw for taking us to do that, it was so much fun.

Funny things Landrie has said lately...

-We were in the car the other day and she was looking out the window and she looked up and saw the electrical lines that have orange balls on them and said "look Mommy! Those are big basketballs up there!" The funny/cute thing about it is that is exactly what I use to say when I was little too. :)

- At night I always tell her I am cold and to come be my "Snuggle bug" so now she has started saying "come on Mommy, lets be snuggle bugs." So cute.

- She has been going around saying "What cho want for Christmas? I will buy it with piggy bank money and my princess register." lol

-Pretiful is what she says when she is trying to tell you something or someone is pretty or beautiful.

-I need to talk to Tinkerbell, I am going to find her and talk to her at Disney World

-Bag boy saying to me “have a nice day” then I said back “you too” and then Landrie said “what cho say?” you say “love cho too?”

- We were out eating dinner with some friends when all of the sudden she announced to everyone "I being good girl, I not picking my boogers." Oh the joys of children. lol

-Sang Taylor Swifts “Love Song” from memory and then at the end said “Taylor Swift, 99.5 the Wolf.”

L: I am grown up

Me: Good, now you can get a job and help pay some bills

L: Okay, and then I can go to Walgreens and buy stuff

- Knocked pillow off our bed and it hit the lamp on the nightstand knocking it over and some dust flew up in the air and she said “Look Mommy… a snowglobe!!!”