Allergy Test for Landrie...

Today I had to take Landrie for her allergy press test, umm yeah, that was NOT fun. My poor baby was tested for 40 things both inside and outside, she tested positive for EVERY SINGLE outside allergy, all kinds of grasses, trees and weeds. Worst part was when the area was welting up because it was positive it would itch ...and burn and she couldn't scratch or move her arm. Glad it's over and that we have some answers. But I was pretty upset with the nurse who told both Landrie and I that the test wouldn't hurt. Every part of the test hurt my poor baby, the scratch/press part, it's like having your arm scraped over and over and then when you are allergic to something it starts to itch and or burn and you can't do a thing. :( But at least now we know her chronic cough she had wasn't just an annoying learned habit. She is going to start taking Singular and Xyzal at night to help with her allergies, I sure hope it helps. Next is blood work to test for the allergies the scratch test doesn't like foods and insects. Not looking forward to that test! We are pretty sure she has an allergy to mosquitoes and bees but not sure about foods since she never seems to have a reaction to anything. Should be interesting to see what shows up. Funny thing is the nurse told us that the bumps where she tested positive for the allergy would go away within the hour, but these pics were taken about 2-3 hours after the test, just goes to show how allergic she is to all the outside things. Our poor baby has been suffering and we had no clue! :(

Despite the bad memories from the test earlier that day, she sure was in a good mood to post for pics. I just love that baby! :)

These are from bath time the next night, I love taking pics of her in the bath, she loves to play and pose, it's so funny.

Pretty girl

So silly

Hook 'Em Horns!

Pretty smile

Ahh relaxing

So funny


Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Today we got up and gave Landrie her gifts, we gave her some new books, the new "Lady Antebellum" c.d., princess bracelet, princess crown earrings and some roses. She loved it all! Then we all got ready went and did a little shopping, had lunch and went to see the movie "Tooth Fairy". It was so cute, Landrie loved it. We had a great day and it was a nice end to a unexpected long weekend.

Had to get a princess Valentine card of course!

Apparently Mommy used all the hot water so we washed L off in the tub really fast and then I washed her hair in the sink, she loved it. She said we were playing "booty shop" a.k.a. "beauty shop". lol

Landrie and I before heading out, had to add a little twist to it, thought it was cute!


True Snow Day in TEXAS!!!

Alycia's Birthday, Big snow in Texas, Landrie's V-day party and Granny passed away
February 11th was a combination of lots of things, some planned/known and some a surprise and unexpected.

First it was my nieces 17th birthday, Happy Birthday Alycia, wish you were here so we could celebrate it with you.

Landrie had her Valentine's party at school.

Next was probably the most memorable and unexpected thing for the entire metroplex, SNOW! It started around 5 am and wasn't supposed to be much, but it wound up being 14 inches!!!! I have NEVER seen this much snow in my life, well in TX at least. I have seen it in other places, but not here. The funny thing was that Landrie had just said that she wanted to play in snow and I kept having to tell her, "baby, we live in TX, we don't get snow like that. We are lucky if we get an inch." But to everyone surprise, she got her wish. She said, "see Mommy, I told you it would snow because I wanted it to." Oh the innocence of a child. :) We had so much fun playing in it, but it also made me realize that I am so glad that we don't get snow like that here all the time. Once a year would be awesome, but for months at a time, NO THANK YOU! It was beautiful though and perfect, no wind, not real wet and not too cold, it was perfect. Hope we get it at least once a year now, that would be awesome, especially for the kids to get REAL snow.

Then there was a very sad event that happened on this day as well... Cory's granny passed away, Martha (Marty). She lost her LONG, hard battle with cancer. We all know she is in a better place and not in pain anymore, but it's still hard and sad. She could make you upset with her one minute and then turn around and make you laugh and adore her the next. You never had to worry about her not speaking her mind, but that is what everyone loves the most about her. She was a great cook, who loved and adored her family. She will be greatly missed.

Landrie's party at school

Chloe, one of Landrie's best friends at school, she is a doll!!!

Crazy girl

Opening all her valentine cards
Sweet girl

Landrie and Mrs. Harris, we sure are going to miss her next year.

On my way back to work after the party, the snow was beautiful!

Once we got home you know we had to go right outside

Our good friends and neighbors bought their kiddos down to play with Landrie in the snow but like typical Texans we don't have snow gear so their poor kids got cold and were ready to go in. Luckily I had bought some stuff on clearance last year for Landrie that was snow gear and worked out great for it. Landrie lasted HOURS out there. She was determined to make the best of the snow, can't say I blame her.

Miss Lily
Lily Bug, she is so cute

Ace Man
Miss Kennedy with the beautiful eyes. Poor thing was upset, her brother Ace had just hit her in the face with a snowball. But this picture of her is still breath taking.

Yes, it's dark and it's STILL snowing and we are STILL outside. Looks like it will be a true snow day! Wahoo!!!

Landrie ready for bed with her "Olivia Pig"

The next morning when we woke up, beautiful!!!

Landrie playing outside with Daddy

Landrie's Snow Princess

Our street
Landrie with Daddy

Making a snow angel

Yep, gotta eat the snow

Mommy and Landrie

Ace Dude

Lily Bug

Miss Kennedy

Look out, he has a snowball

Landrie and our neighbors daughter Tori

They were using the driveway of the empty house next door to us to sled on

My beautiful baby

We built a huge snow woman in our neighbors yard, so much fun

Landrie with her snow princess

The entrance to our subdivision has a ton of hills and we went sledding down them, it was a blast!!!!

Must get a family snow pic