Landrie's New Bed...

I have finally gotten around to getting some pictures of Landrie's new bed. The stain on her bed doesn't match her other furniture very well, but it is still a pretty bed and really you don't notice as much when her bed is made.

Wednesday was the first day of school and it went pretty well. Better than I thought it would. It's crazy to know that there are about 400 kids in the school during the school day, we have had our crazy moments that I don't think I will ever forget, lol but overall it is going very well.

Landrie goes to her very first dance class on Tuesday night, we are both looking very forward to it. I think she is going to love it. I just hope she doesn't want me out there doing it all with her. Which I have a feeling she is going to try and do the first few times. lol But she has surprised me a lot lately, she is getting so big.

Some have asked about my pedicure rash, lol... it is gone thanks to the antibiotics although I now have eczema on the back of my legs that gets irritated every time I shave. But the itchy goosebumps type rash is gone thank goodness, but the eczema can be just as bad at times. I have eczema from time to time but never like this and never on my legs so this is all new to me. I do think it was caused by the pedicure rash, I just hope it will go away eventually or at least calm down. I know, I should just go and see a dermatologist but I just haven't had time yet. I know a steroid cream would help but I also know how long it takes to usually get in to see them and I just haven't called yet. lol

I can't think of much more to update about. I am sure there is something but I am pretty tired so nothing else is coming to mind. If anyone thinks of something let me know and I will update. But for today here are the pics of Landrie's new bed and some cute/funny things she has said this week, hope everyone enjoys and has a great Labor Day weekend...

Now for the many faces of Landrie. She insisted that I take pictures of her making faces and poses.

I promise she didn't need to go potty. lol



First Sleepover...

Landrie had her very first sleepover this past weekend. We invited Tate to sleepover mainly to test and see how she would do spending the night with us. We have spent the night over at her house when her parents went out but she hadn't ever spent the night at our house or somewhere other than her house with us. She did GREAT, never acted scared or worried so I know Disney World will be awesome! I was going to make it a super fun night, bake cookies, do crafts all that fun stuff but our neighbors came over instead so I had to put our fun sleepover plans on hold for next time when Tate stays over. By the time I remembered to take pics it was late and I was too tired so Cory snapped a few, most were blurry since it was the snapshot camera, but a few came out.

Some cute/funny things Landrie has said...

* Daddy's being grumpy. Cory was getting onto her for doing something she wasn't supposed to do and that's what she said. lol

* I have a habit of telling L that she is wearing me out when she is being difficult well guess what she has started saying to us when we are bothering her... "you are wearing me out!" lol

* She has been telling Cory and I that she has a stepmother lately. We keep telling her that she doesn't but she insists that she does. We tell her that she probably wouldn't want one but she promises she does. She got that from "Enchanted" how the little girl talks about getting a stepmother. She cracks me up.

* At night when I am tucking her in and leaving her room she says "don't let the bug bites bite" instead of "bed bugs" it's too cute.


We Are Going To...

Disney World!!! We have booked Disney World for the week of March 15-20, we can't wait!!! Next month I have to book the character dinings and Landrie and Tate's makeovers at the Bibbidy Boppidy Boutique. Tate is going with us, we thought it would be fun to invite her and for Landrie to have her "very favorite best friend" (as she says) go with us.

No pics for this post, just wanted to post that. ;)


Landrie's 3 Year Well Check...

Well yesterday we went for Landrie's 3 year check up and she looks great. She is 31 pounds (50%) and 38 1/4 inches tall (70%) which explains her looking so thin. But her being on the taller side doesn't surprise me at all, afterall I am 5'8. ;) I do need to make her an appt. to check her heart murmur but she is pretty sure it's closing up like it should but it hasn't been checked since she was 10 months old so it just needs to be checked to be on the safe side but I won't make that appt until Thanksgiving week or Christmas break so I can take her to the appt. She was so funny at the doctors office she was showing off and talking to everyone. She would flirt with people and put on the charm, everyone was loving her. She loves going to see Dr. Chinn, she lets her do basically whatever she wants to do, if she wants to play with the stethescope then she lets her, if she wants to check Dr. Chinn's ears she lets her, she is honestly the best Dr. ever! Oh and she is pregnant with her 2nd baby and we all are praying and crossing our fingers for PINK! ;) She is such a mess. ;) The nurse asked me a question that had a no answer and Landrie said "Mommy, don't tell her no!" We are having to tell her "don't tell me NO" a lot more than we would like to lately but at least she is catching on. lol She told me that we need to start teaching her our names incase we get lost so I looked over at her and asked her what Daddy's name was and she said "Cory Michael Griffin" then I asked what my name was and she said "Lindsey Griffin". lol But I do need to teach her our phone number. She didn't have to get any shots though thank goodness, but next year she gets like 5, AHH!!! But we won't discuss that until next year. ;) But, I can't believe how big she is getting, she isn't a baby anymore, she is a little girl now, but she will ALWAYS be our baby! ;)

* Last night when we were going to bed, yes Landrie was in our bed, it was late and neither of us wanted to do the bedtime routine. lol Well Cory had just taken his clothes off and left them on the floor and Landrie walked by to get into bed and she said "Daddy!!! Look at this mess you made!" lol


New Project...

Well it all started off with me just wanting to buy some new decorations for the house. So on Saturday we went by Kohl's and got several things and then on Sunday we went to Kirkland's and spent quite a bit but it was way cheaper than we thought it would be and we got a ton of stuff. So we got home on Sunday with it all and I was ready to hang it all and set it all out. The plan was for me to paint our big red room, which is the den and kitchen, over Thanksgiving since I will have a week off then. Well Cory decided we should just go ahead and do it now instead of handing and putting everything out just to have to turn around in a few months to take it all down, paint and put it all back up again. So off I went to Lowe's at 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon to pick out paint. I came back and had forgotten a few things so I had to go back but Cory and Landrie began the project of painting. Here are just a few pics of the beginning of the process. I will take and post more pics once it's a bit more done and definitely once it's all complete. But I am really excited and seeing all the new decorations just sitting on the dining room table waiting to be hung and displayed is driving me NUTS!!! LOL I can't wait to see the finished product!!! Stay tuned for more pics...