Hurricane Ike!

When we heard that we were going to get a lot of rain from Hurrican Ike we decided to head out early Saturday morning to Michaels and Hobby Lobby to get some craft stuff to do while we were trapped inside most of the day. We got some really fun and cute Halloween kits. Most of them are out of foam, they are so neat and really reasonably priced. Landrie and Cory sat around all morning working on them. I took a few pics of them working on the haunted tree house we bought, but before they could finish we had to jump in the car and go over to one of those after hours doctor places. Landrie's little foot was extremely red and swollen (see pic below) everytime she walked her foot turned completely white and she couldn't fit most of her shoes on her feet. We knew it was a bug bite but we weren't sure if it was a new one or from her bee stings she had gotten the week before. But her doctor reassured us that it was definitely a new bite and not from the bee stings. I didn't think it would take a week to show symptoms from bee stings, but you never know. So I was glad in a way to know it was new and not feel like I wasn't watching my daughter when indeed I had and her foot looked fine all week. She was so good and was so sweet to everyone which I was so thankful for. You never know how they are going to act with something new, she hadn't ever seen any other doctor than her pediatrician but she did great. The doctor put her on Bactrin (I think that's what it's called) for 10 days and boy does she HATE it!!! She also has to take Benedryl at least once a day as well. So that was our fun, eventful Hurricane Ike experience, oh yeah... and it wasn't bad at all, especially compared to what they kept predicting for us here in Dallas, but I definitely feel so sorry for the people it did effect, I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through.

Here is Landrie being goofy before her dance class. The outfit, bow and tap buttons came from Aunt Torrie's mom, Debbie. She also got her a cute dance bag but it's off getting embroidered. Thank you again Debbie for getting her all this, that was so sweet of you to think of her! She loves it! :)

Working on the Haunted House during the rain

Landrie's poor little foot :(
Funny things said by Miss L lately

*When I grow up I gonna do something, okay?
*When I grow up I be the Mommy and I have 2 babies.
*When I grow up I gonna be a doctor.
Lot's of "when I grow up" lately, lol
*Cory says "I am onto you" all the time to her and now she says it, it's so funny


Her Favorite Toy... Her Guitar...

Landrie got a guitar around her birthday back in July. She LOVES this thing. She plays with it daily, a day hasn't gone by yet that she hadn't played with it. We need to flip the strings since she is left handed and actually puts it on and plays it left handed. We never showed her or told her how to put it on. She has put it on that way since day one. She loves Taylor Swift and since Taylor Swift has a guitar she wanted one. She loves walking around the house playing it and singing. She tells us she wants to be Taylor Swift for Halloween. I actually don't think I mind, I think it will be a really easy costume to put together, all Taylor Swift wears is a sundress and boots. The only downfall, here in Texas you NEVER know what the weather is going to be like on Halloween. One year it's hot and the next it's freezing. So I guess we better have a back up plan just in case. But when you ask her what she wants to be for Halloween she always says "Taylor Swift!" I really want to take her somewhere pretty that is outdoors and get some pictures of her in a sundress and boots with her guitar, I think it would be adorable. But for now these quick snap shots work. You can tell how much she loves her guitar just by looking at these pictures...


First Day of Dance Class...

We have been talking about this day for months. Every time we would Landrie would always ask, "I go to dance TODAY?!" and we would have to burst her little bubble and say no. Finally it was time for dance class to start. I picked her up from my parents house and told her where we were going that evening and she was so excited. Her class didn't start until 6:00 and we got home at 4:30 and of course she wanted to get ready as soon as we got home. Oh and we only live 5 minute from the studio but she was just so excited. So I went ahead and got her ready, I thought if anything I can take some pictures of her and get up there a little early to get a good spot.

I soon found out that the first class is the only class we could go in and watch. :( Immediately I began to worry, I know my daughter and she is a huge "Mommy's girl" no matter what I do or say, she has been since day one. Even as a baby there were MANY times she only wanted me and I was the only would who could calm her down. We have a special bond I guess you could say. So of course I started to worry about the next class before the first one even began. lol But I did take advantage of getting to be in there and took a lot of pictures. It was a class of about 12 girls ranging in age from 2.5-5. Some had taken dance before some hadn't. It was pretty chaotic I must say. lol You have this small room with parents, siblings, the 12 girls plus the teacher all in there. Then you have the teacher trying to get the girls to listen to her, us parents trying to get onto their children, so it was pretty funny and I soon came to understand why they have a "closed door" policy on the parents being in the room for all classes. I too even found myself getting onto Landrie and then Landrie getting mad at me for correcting her when there was a teacher that I had been telling her for weeks was in charge and she would need to be good and listen to her. lol

She did good overall though, especially considering she had never been to anything like that before. She only stays with my parents or Cory's parents. She did great when the teacher asked her to do certain things and loved playing the games she had for them. She would get a little off track if the teacher had to stop and do something or pay attention to just one child for a minute or two. That's when Landrie would go to the mirrors and make faces, twirl around, lay on the floor and play snake, all that fun kid stuff. Oh and at one point the teacher was talking directly to Landrie standing right in front of her and Landrie jumped up in the air and landed in the splits. Yep... that's my child. lol The teacher just made a face like "wow" and laughed. She later told me that she thinks Landrie is going to do great in dance. Not sure if she was just saying that because she saw the look of embarrassment on my face or she was being serious, guess we will just have to wait and see. ..

Posing for Mommy

Taking attendance and learning names

Making a circle to play "ring around the rosey"

Waiting on the teacher, she decided to sing... I can't think of anything better to do to help pass the time, can you ? lol

Oh wait, there's a hang nail (she HATES them)

Pretty good balance for 3 I must say

Playing in the mirror


Hailey's Birthday Party...

On Sunday of Labor Day weekend we went to Cory's cousins daughter, Hailey's birthday party. They had a huge blow up slide, bounce house, petting zoo and a Monkey named "Hobo" that did tricks. The kids had a blast and it was pretty neat, although it was VERY HOT outside. Landrie isn't a huge fan of bounce houses and the height of the slide scared her as well. So she mainly played in the pool at the bottom of the slide and in Hailey's room. She did enjoy seeing all the animals and getting to pet them.

The HUGE slide


Paw Paw sneaking into our picture. :)

* Funny things she has said this week*
A conversation her and I had:
L: Mommy?
M: Yes
L: What do you think Cinderella is doing?
M: I don't know baby, what do you think she is doing?
L: Eating
M: Eating?
L: Yes, eating dinner with Snow White
M: Yeah, probably so, they are probably eating dinner in the castle. ;)
* You have GOT to be kidding me! (yep she got that one from me. lol)
* When she went poopie the other day in the potty she said, "Bye Bye Poopie, see you next time" when she flushed.
* When she was up at my school she climbed in the chair of the other lady that works in the office with me and started moving her mouse around and said "I have to check my email real fast." LOL
* I was buckling her up into her carseat the other day and out of nowhere she said, "my bobo is growing"
* Daddy fixed something for her the other day and she said, "my hero!" lol