All of the sudden last Thursday Landrie decided she was ready to start using the potty and wearing panties. I discovered this because she was in the kitchen with me making dinner when all of the sudden she disappeared and so after a few minutes I went looking for her. Well when I found her she was in our bathroom emptying her little bowl to her potty chair into the big toilet and flushing it. I just stood there for a second in shock that she did it all by herself. So I decided that was it then. It was time, she was the one who showed the interest without any pressure from us. So since then she has been mainly wearing panties unless I know we will be gone for a long time then she wears a pull up. She is really scared of public bathrooms so I know that is the next hurdle. We overcame the poopie hurdle tonight! I was unloading the dishwasher when she came in there and asked me for a diaper and I could tell by the look on her face she needed to go so I told her no that she was a big girl and to go use her potty so off she went without a fight or a no and went in there on her own and went poopie!!! I walked in on the end of it and I helped her wipe and get her panties back up. She got a big prize, a Giselle doll from Enchanted since this was such a huge hurdle for her. So I am proud and also a little sad at the same time to say my baby is growing up on me. ;) Now if we can get her to not be scared of public bathrooms it would be great. lol


Party Time...

We decided that since the 4th of July fell on a Friday this year that we would have Landrie's party the weekend before. Her real birthday is July 6th but we figured a lot of people would be going out of town for the 3 day weekend. We had her party at the Museum of Nature & Science. We had gone to a party there for Landrie's friend Brayden back in May and she loved it and said that's where she wanted hers to be at this year. We had a really good turn out and it seemed like everyone had a great time, well aside from the street on the directions the Science Place gave me being closed, sorry everybody for that! Landrie racked in the gifts and has been playing non-stop with everything, talking about her party and everyone who came. Thanks to everyone who came and made her birthday party such a special day for her.

The Princess Cake
Hailey (Landrie's 2nd cousin)

Ace, our neighbor and Landrie's almost daily playmate

Landrie giving Tate a huge hug, Tate had been in Canada visiting her grandparents for the last month. Landrie REALLY missed her.

Lily and Ace checking out the bugs

Landrie sweeping, guess it was dirty in that room, lol

Kennedy, Ace and Lily's older sister

Brayden, Hailey (Landrie's 2nd cousins) and Ace playing in the spider web

Ryleigh (Landrie's 2nd cousin) and Lily playing with a puzzle together

Hailey ( Cory's good friend from H.S. and fishing buddy's daughter)

Landrie and Kennedy dancing

Landrie playing in the water room


Garrett (Cory's friend from H.S. and fishing buddy's little boy)

Lily tired of being put on things to pose for pictures, lol

Tate and Kennedy milking the cow

Brayden (Landrie's 2nd cousin)

Lane and Blaze (they are cousins but they are some of our best family friends)

Jackson ( Our good friends son)

Landrie Lou playing in the firetruck

Tate smiling pretty for me

Lily playing in the firetruck

Landrie smiling big while everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to her

Opening her presents


Shooting people the "DON'T TOUCH MY PRESENTS" look, lol

Opening her dollhouse

Listening to Aunt Torrie read her her Birthday cards, thanks Aunt Torrie for all of your help, I really appreciate it and I know Landrie loved you being at her party. ;)

Family pic, we try and get one each year at her parties

Friends in N.Y...

I have a friend in N.Y. who has a daughter a day older than Landrie named Taylor and we let the girls exchange birthday and Christmas presents each year. Landrie loves it, she loves getting that package in the mail that contains presents that are JUST FOR HER. Here are some pictures of her opening her new goodies. Thanks guys for sending her such great gifts, she LOVES them!!!


Gotta Check My Email...

The other day I told Landrie to go and do something and she said, "I gotta check my email first Mommy!" Hmmm I can't imagine where on earth she heard that from. LOL But I had to capture a picture of it.

This is a leotard that our neighbors gave to Landrie, she loves it, she calls it her dance outfit. ;)

*Cory and I were jumping on the trampoline with Landrie and she was being rough with me so I told her she was going to rip my head off and to be careful. She comes over to me and pulls the neck of my shirt down a little and lifts up my neck and says, "No, it's still on, it didn't rip off" LOL


Playtime with Jackson...

Some good friends of ours, The Bell family, came by to hang out and have dinner with us. They brought over their Wii with them and everyone had a blast playing. Landrie loved playing with their son Jackson who is 20 months old. Landrie is very sweet and easy with him. At one point he was getting tired and starting to get fussy so Landrie walked over to him put her arm around him and patted his shoulder and told him it would be ok. ;) She is such a cuddle bug and a nurturer by nature. But don't be fooled too much, she does still have those moments where she is naughty, but that is typical of all children. Thanks guys for coming over to have dinner and hang out with us, we really need to do it more often.

Cory and Landrie playing bowling on the Wii

After Landrie will bowl she would bend down like this until the ball hit the pins
Fixing to jump, pretty girl

Jackson loved Landrie's Barbie 4 wheeler

So serious, but so cute

"Not gonna do it, not gonna smile, no matter how many crazy faces you make at me" lol

Still not gonna smile, of course when I put my camera down he smiled. lol


Father's Day Gifts...

Landrie and I went to Michael's to find some gifts for the grandpa's for Father's Day. We wandered around the store just looking at everything. Then we went down the premade aisle and saw a ton of birdhouses and I thought PERFECT!!! So I let L pick out one for Poppie and one for Paw Paw all on her own and she did pretty good I must say. I got her some paint and brushes and some wood stickers to put on them. Landrie had a blast making them, they turned out so cute and both grandpa's LOVED them!

Landrie hard at work painting

Paw Paw's birdhouse

Poppie's birdhouse

Goofy girl