Landrie's First Concert...

When we found out Taylor Swift would be coming to Dallas Cory and I KNEW we had to get tickets to take Landrie to see her. Landrie idolizes her, I mean hello... she was her for Halloween last year! ;) Luckily we have an American Express c.c. and they were a sponsor so we were able to buy tickets 5 days before they went on sale to the public. Cory and I were both on computers trying to get the best seats. We wound up getting great seats, the first balcony right above where the basketball goals are at the Mavs games. The tickets sold out in like 5 mins! It definitely had our adrenaline going. lol But we were able to pull it off and get pretty good seats. The months flew by in between buying the tickets and the concert date, it was here before we knew it.

On the days leading up to the concert we had a VERY excited 4 year old on our hands who didn't understand why she couldn't talk to Taylor Swift and give her a hug. We kept telling her we just go to watch her sing, so finally by the day of the concert she was okay with that. Great! Well... not so much... it all started off fabulously until she appeared in the audience during the concert. Of course she would appear in the section right next to ours and Landrie could see her hugging people and taking pics and such with them and she became hysterical and balled! I felt so bad! I wish I would have known, but how could I have? Also our tickets said "no professional cameras" and mine is considered one so I didn't take my big one, well I should have, tons of people had theirs. If I would have taken it I would have had great close ups of Taylor Swift!!! Such a bummer! But we had an awesome time anyway and Landrie loved it, that's all that really matters. Note to self though... get floor seats next time or find a meet and greet somewhere. haha

We really didn't take any pics at the concert, but here are the ones from the next day... my niece and her step sister came over to hang out and play with Landrie, she LOVES when they come over...

Everyone hanging out and playing Wii

She knows how to work the mouse better than some adults


First Day of School...

Landrie started preschool on Wednesday, the 2nd. We have talked to her about it for a long time now, at least since May, when I went and enrolled her. She has been so excited about starting school she has talked about it nonstop all summer. I let her pick a backpack out of the Pottery Barn Kids magazine and we had her name put on it. We had done some school/fall shopping over the tax free weekend a few weeks ago, met her teacher and were pretty much ready for this day. She was so excited that we didn't even have to wake her up that morning, she woke up ready to go. We all got ready and off we went. We did the secret code on the door to get in the building, she insisted that she was a big girl and could go up the stairs and show us the way herself. We put her backpack on her hook, signed her in and took her to the Welcome Room where they wait for their teacher to pick them up in the mornings. She was such a big girl, gave us hugs and kisses and waved bye to us without even blinking basically. So bittersweet, but I am also so happy to know she was ready. She had an awesome first day and couldn't wait to go back the next day. She goes 3 days a week for 3 hours each day, all of the teachers are certified teachers and they actually do and follow a curriculum which makes me so pleased. I didn't want her in something where she just went and played the whole time. I wanted a program that would get her ready to start kindergarten next year. This definitely is it! I love it and so does Landrie. I can't wait to go to all the class parties and watch her learn and grow this year!

*She told me that one of her new friends had polka dots on her face (a.k.a. freckles)


Backyard Fun...

Today after we got home we went straight outside to the backyard to play. We got a nice "cool front" over the weekend that made our highs around 85-88, so nice for Texas at the beginning of September. We played on the trampoline, swings, slide, played house in her clubhouse, had a snack up there. We had a great time together while we waited on Daddy to get home from work.

She wanted me to take pics of her making faces...

"The many faces of Landrie"

I try to remember to take pics of her hands and feet every now and then so I can look back and remember how small they once were

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* Landrie had a bump on her face the other day, like a clogged pore and she said "Look Mommy, I have a blond mole on my face!"

* We got onto her the other day and Cory told her to say she was sorry and she looked at me very sincere and said "Sorry pumpkin". It was so sweet.

* Landrie and I were watching tv the other night and a commercial for wrinkle cream came on and Landrie said "Oh Mommy, You need that!" She was trying to be sweet and helpful, she has no clue what it is/was she thinks if it has an adult or Mommy on it I need it.