Landrie and I decided we would do some baking this afternoon, we chose to make some sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles. We love to bake together, I can't wait for fall/winter to get here, that is when we do the most baking. It's soooo much fun!!! Not much to tell about this baking event, but I did take some pics just for fun. I had braided her hair earlier in the day and she took it out and LOOOOVED how it left her hair all wavy. Oh, and she did play "make-up" about an hour before we baked, that explains the blue/green eyeshadow and the sparkly face. ;)

My Little Poser

Very serious, must stir correctly

What Daddy was doing while we baked

While I think Landrie looks beautiful (minus the make-up) in this pic, it also gave me a brief glimpse into the future. I am just not ready for her to be a teenager and us have to worry about boys.

Silly thing

Landrie's finished product


Camp Out...

Landrie has been asking and talking about camping for weeks now so we decided since it's way too hot to go camping outside we would set up the tent in the house. She LOOOOVED it and played in it all day. Her and I slept in there that night and Daddy wound up going and sleeping on our bed, claimed he couldn't get comfortable and that it hurt his back. Yeah, yeah, funny how Landrie and I slept just fine. ;) We had a blast playing in the tent all weekend, although Landrie was a bit sad when we had to take it down and put it away. We will definitely be doing that again very soon!

* Landrie has been asking and talking about the Toothfairy a lot lately. She asked if she could talk to her when she came one day and I said no or she won't leave you any money for your tooth so she said she would "just give her a hug and a handshake then." LOL