Day with Jayda...

Our good friends from Weslaco came to Dallas to visit and go to a Rangers game. The Sunday they got in we all met up at a Chuck E. Cheese in Plano to do a late birthday celebration for the girls since they are both July babies. And "GASP!!!" none of us took ANY pics at Chuck E. Cheese!!! Shame, Shame I know, but we were just enjoying being there and hanging out, sometimes you have to just put the camera down and enjoy what's going on. After Chuck E. Cheese they came back to our house to let the girls play and we took them swimming at the neighborhood pool, they had a blast!!! They also had the best time singing along to "Taylor Swift" and "Hannah Montana". They love getting to spend time together, wish we didn't live 9 hours apart.

On Monday I took the day off so that we could all hit up Sam Moon (she had never been!) and Ikea (I have taken them there before). We had a great day shopping even though it poured practically ALL day.

Can't wait to meet up with you guys again!


Swimming Lessons...

This year I decided it was time to enroll Landrie in swimming lessons. She loves to go swimming but was so afraid of small things like going under, using a life jacket, slides etc so I knew it was time, plus she was 4. I really should have done it when she was smaller, but you live and learn. I enrolled her in swim lessons in Mesquite, my neighbors mom is over them so I felt really good about it. Her lessons were at Vanston 4 days a week for 30 minutes for 2 weeks. She did great in the first session but I knew she needed another session so I signed her back up, she wound up taking swimming lessons for a month but I am so proud to say she goes all the way under without any fear, goes down slides, tries in every pool to see how far she can touch without Mommy and Daddy, jumps off the side of the pool into the water to us of course, but hey it's more than she was doing. She will at least try what we ask once, if it scares her or she doesn't like it then she doesn't do it again, but she tries. This definitely has given her the confidence in water that she needed. I can't wait to see what she is able to do by the end of next summer, I am so proud of my baby girl!

From day one you could see a bond between one of the young teachers and Landrie, her name is Victoria and they both adored each other, I know that bond helped Landrie and I am so glad they had it.

Landrie and Kennedy sitting on the side of the pool waiting for swim lessons to start

All the kiddos

Learning to enter and exit the pool

Ms. Robyn worked with Landrie a lot the first few days to help her

Getting ready to dunk her, I was so scared that she would scream, but she didn't

The lessons actually started on Landrie's real birthday so they all sang to her

Blowing out their birthday candles

After going under again

Landrie practicing going under in the bathtub, something she never would do before

Landrie and Ms. Victoria

Practicing floating

Her idea of going under after the first session was just her face, but it was a start. But by the end she was going all the way under

In the beginning she would only go down the slide with someone, by the end she was going down all by herself

Pretty girl


Scooby Doo Salon & Learning to Drive...

Cory snapped a pic of Landrie and I when we fell asleep pretty early one night from exhaustion...

Have to post some pics of Landrie playing beauty shop with her chair and accessories. When it was my turn she said "Welcome to the Scooby Doo Salon, would you like to make your hair lello again?" LOL I had just dyed my hair back to all brown, she loved the blonde highlights and wants them back.

Here she is sneaking some candy in between appts. LOL

Landrie's makeover

We took Landrie up to the school parking lot to practice driving, boy did she need it. But it really has helped! It was so funny to watch her

If you look in the passenger seat you will see her new baby doll sitting beside her in the doll carseat, LOL

And of course tears when it was time to go because she wasn't being a good listener

Landrie and her buddy Ace playing, Landrie was driving him around the house

Landrie came to me and said...

My watch (that she didn't even have on) says it's time to make brownies...

How could I say no? So we made brownies, here's the face after putting them in the oven, lol