Turkey Day!

Pretty much ever since Landrie was born we have had Thanksgiving at our house and had both sides over. We are very lucky that both sides get along and love each other so it makes it so nice and almost wrong if we do it any other way. Of course we had our usual fried turkey, last year we started buying it from Razzoos instead of frying it ourselves, just saves everyone time and it's actually not that much more expensive. We love it!!! We missed having Cory's grandmother there and some of his aunts and uncles, but we made the best of it with my parents and Cory's along with my brother and Aunt Torrie who stopped by later that day. It was a great day and it was nice it just sit around and chat with everyone and enjoy the day. Oh and look at all the sales ads in which I was NOT going to be staying up all night trying to get the deals. If I can get it online for the same sale price then that is what I do, but I am not someone who can stay up all night so I don't even try.

Landrie and Daddy on Thanksgiving in her adorable outfit Ms. Erin made for her along with the matching bow

Meme and Landrie

Had to get some shots of Miss Landrie Lou outside

Landrie holding her prized white chocolate pretzels she helped me make

One last shot outside, it's the OCD photographer in me! :)

The centerpiece turkey that Landrie made at school, it was so cute

Her place mat she made at school as well, her hand print is the turkey and her fingerprints are the leaves

Closeup of the turkey

Landrie with her grandparents, Cory's parents on the left and mine on the right, she is one very spoiled but VERY loved little girl!

Landrie with Mommy and Daddy

Mommy, Landrie and Aunt Torrie with Braxton in the belly! Can't wait to see him next year at Thanksgiving!

Landrie wearing her Thanksgiving pajamas that say, "Everyone is Thankful for Me!"



Thanksgiving Program, Muskateer, new stuff

The week before Thanksgiving Cory and I both got our Christmas presents early, he got an Iphone and I got a new camera. I didn't upgrade, just got the newer model of the Canon Rebel. This one has a video camera as well. I love it, wish I had more time to play with it, but come Spring and Summer I will be taking pics constantly with the lovely natural light that is around then, hopefully. :)

This was the very first pic I took with it, nothing fancy or planned, just a cute snap shot of Landrie playing in the backyard with a fishing pole.

The adorable Thanksgiving outfit and matching bow an old drillteam friend from High School made. Thank you so much Erin for making it for Landrie, everyone LOVES it!!!

The backside of the skirt

Landrie's Thanksgiving program at school. They all sang some cute Thanksgiving songs, which of course Landrie really wouldn't sing on stage but sings ALL the time everywhere else. That really shocked us all that she wasn't singing, she is always a little ham. lol

Landrie's Tom the Turkey

After the singing program we had a Thanksgiving feast

Landrie with Meme & Poppie

My little giggle box

The weekend before Thanksgiving Landrie, me and our neighbors Christina and Kennedy went to the new pottery place called, "All Fired Up". You go in pick the piece you want to paint and then they put it in the kiln and fire it for you and you go back a week later and pick it up. We had SO much fun, it was so relaxing to just sit there and paint.

The Christmas plate I made before it was fired. The Santa is Landrie's handprint

Landrie came in my bedroom with these beads on her face like this and she said, "Look Mommy, I am a Muskateer!!!"

Landrie and I decided to make white chocolate covered pretzels for Thanksgiving, can you tell which ones Landrie helped the most with??? :)

My baby loves sprinkles!

My finished plate, super cute, I love it!!! I love painting pottery, it's so relaxing!

Landrie's pink Christmas tree in her room, she loves having her very own tree in her room and loves even more that it's PINK!!!


Disguising "Tom the Turkey"...

Landrie got her FIRST school homework project sent home the other day and it was to cut out and disguise "Tom the Turkey" so he isn't seen and caught and turned into Thanksgiving dinner. Daddy helped her and what they came up with was TOO stinkin' cute. He is such an AWESOME Daddy, and we love him so much.


Crafts with Daddy...

Uncle Shawn strikes again. :) He bought Landrie a suncatcher kit, so of course Landrie wanted to make them and she wanted her Daddy to help. We also went to an early Kid Halloween Party across the street at the neighbors house, the kids had a great time playing games and eating.


Karaoke!!! and Ant Farms...

So we came home and Uncle Shawn had found a karaoke game for the Wii that had Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana and MANY more, she is in heaven!!! It was so funny to watch her "perform". lol Oh and Uncle Shawn ALSO bought her an ant farm. The child HATES bugs, screams and runs the opposite direction when she sees one, which he knows, but yet he still bought her an ant farm. Go figure! But he does love and care about her a lot, that is what REALLY matters. ;)