Graduation and Big Red Ball!

Landrie had preschool graduation the other night at her school. The kids sang some songs and then they all were presented with their certificates. It was so bittersweet, it means that my baby is fixing to start BIG school and isn't my little baby anymore, but she will always be my baby in my heart. I love her so much, as her and I say... "Around the world and back again". :)

She pretty much just stood there and barely sang, she did a few of the hand motions and that's about it, we were laughing, she has done this before and we have no idea why. The child LOVES to sing, but I guess it's because this isn't her type of music. :)

Landrie with her certificate of completion of preschool

My pretty girl

Landrie with Mrs. Johnson

Landrie with Mrs. Harris

Landrie with her buddy Chloe, such a cute and sweet little girl
Had to get a family pic

Faith, Chloe and Landrie

Landrie with her Nana and Meme

Shawn is known for buying crazy toys and things for Landrie and of course he didn't disappoint when he bought her this big red blow up ball that you get in and roll around in. The kids LOVE it.

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