Birthday Invitation...

I found these ladies on etsy.com that created invitations and all kinds of party stuff. So I had them create an invitation for Landrie's rock party for her 5th birthday. Her theme is going to be rockstar and the colors are pink, black and white. I can't wait we have the fabulous cake lady Wendy with Oh Boy Baking Co booked and the invite list ready, we are so excited!

Here are the pics that I took of Landrie in literally 15 minutes right by our house at the pond. They were so fun to take of her, she was so cute posing. I can't believe my baby is going to be 5!!!

These pics are SO her! She sings practically all day everyday. Her dream is to sing on stage one day, I am sure she will and we will all be in the audience cheering her on. I love watching her dream. ;)

So sweet

Love her goofy/fun side, she has the best personality

My punk rock girl

The finished product, we loved it
I blurred out the personal info. ;)

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